IIW welded art exhibition, 2021


This is the third welded art photographic exhibition to be held by IIW and one can only be delighted with the spirited response shown by all the people supporting it. This year we have over 40 exhibits of many types and levels from artists representing 15 countries and all the participants have shown great enthusiasm in helping to achieve our objective to demonstrate the value and benefits of welding and welded art. Whether it is an individual, a team or a group of artists across the different Categories, they all deserve our sincere thanks and appreciation for participating in this exhibition. The interactions with them all have been outstanding and their contributions greatly appreciated, particularly as participation is entirely voluntary. Thanks must also go to those organisations which promoted the exhibition in their countries, and it is hoped that their example will encourage others to provide similar promotion and support next year. This could include holding their own exhibitions, showcasing their local talented artists. I would also like to thank the IIW Board of Directors for its confidence in supporting the introduction of this initiative, as well as the IIW CEO Luca Costa, together with Rosario Russo, Anna Luxardi, Barbara Rossi, Simone Cosulich and Simona Campanella from the on-line IIW Annual Assembly Organising Committee for their engagement and involvement in the planning, preparation and implementation of aspects of the initiative. The exhibition could not take place without their enthusiasm and support. If anyone viewing these welded artworks would like to contact the artists directly, I would encourage them to do this through the contact details provided in the text.

MR. CHRIS SMALLBONE Exhibition Organiser

Questions and feedback on the exhibition can be sent to me on allbones@iinet.net.au


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