IIW welded art exhibition, 2021


Andrey is from Atyrau, in the western part of Kazakhstan. He was born on February 19, 1981. He has been working in the KazTransOil company for more than 18 years.

Andrey likes drawing, music, fishing and sports. He began to be fond of welding at the age of 16, helping his uncle in the garage. Then he went to the welding college and graduated it with honours. Now he is a professional welder, and he is very proud of it. Andrey took part in many welding competitions such as "The best in the profession", “Arc Cup” and so on. He took 1st and 2nd places and got more than 20 winner certificates.

Contact info E-mail: djogurec77@gmail.com

Exhibit “METALLICA” Knowing how to draw and weld metal, Andrey began to combine them together. It turned out very well. He began to make various crafts from scrap metal and cinders from electrodes. He likes working with metal very much, making his ideas come true. It's very cool. Andrey believes that the welder simply has to be an artist, then the weld joint will be beautiful. Andrey made this welded artwork as gift to his friend who is a fan of the rock band Metallica. By pulling the welded hand, it moves forward and backward. It is made of scrap metal with a height of 300 mm and width of 70 mm. Dimensions 70 mm wide x 300 mm high


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