IIW welded art exhibition, 2021


Charles Morrissette has been in the welding trade for the last ten years working for several contracting companies and has been making metal art for the last three years at home in his fathers shop. He is currently employed with the Canadian Armed Forces as a material technician and posted to CFB Borden, Ontario. He enjoys metal art as a hobby to make gifts for his family and friends when time permits.

Contact info Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bitsnbolts • E-mail: Charles.morrissette.cj@gmail.com

Exhibit “THE DRAGON” and “THE TANK” Both pieces were made using a Powermig 255 and Square wave TIG 200. All of the Parts were recycled from metal scrap and steel collected over the years. The “Dragon” is 12" tall and 25" long and was made using chainsaw blades tacked together and heated to bend into the shape of the body and tail. The head was made from a handle from a wood stove and several vegetable peelers. The wings were drawn up and cut by hand on autobody steel and detailed with fencing wire. The “Tank” is 21" long (with Cannon) 11" wide, 7" tall and weighs 35 Lbs. It was built using roll chains from a dirtbike and washers for the tracks and wheels.The rear fuel tank was a double door hinge used on a barn door.The cannon was a shaft from a gearbox taken off an old Machine Lathe. The turret was made from department store shelving racks and several odds and ends. Dimensions “Dragon” 12" tall and 25" long “Tank” is 21" long (with Cannon) 11" wide, 7" tall and weighs 35 Lbs


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