IIW welded art exhibition, 2021


TWI is internationally renowned for its multidisciplinary teams that implement established or advanced joining technology solving problems at any stage – from initial design, materials selection, production and quality assurance, through service performance and repair. In October 2018, the Worshipful Company of Armourers and Brasiers requested TWI to create a showpiece

exhibit for the Material Science Partnership display cabinet at Armourers’ Hall, London. The Armourers and Brasiers are a London livery company established in 1992 who are now focused on charitable giving. Through the partnership, the Armourers and Brasiers Gauntlet Trust works with the UK’s leading companies in the Materials Science sector to deliver joint charitable programmes in support of education and research in Materials Science. With the exhibit space changing annually, the challenge was set for TWI to provide a fitting showpiece. In line with the Armourers and Brasiers Company’s heritage and befitting to TWI’s capabilities and expertise, TWI opted to create an ambitious and thought-provoking composite sword. Stuart Page, TWI Senior Technician-Friction and Forge Processes, coordinated the project both practically and creatively with TWI’s team of experts.

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Exhibit “THE CUTTING EDGE” “The Cutting Edge” is a highly unique, state-of-the-art manufacturing showpiece. Its purpose is to raise awareness of TWI’s innovations in material, joining, coating and inspection technologies. The sword and its accompanying ‘building block’ construct contain a diverse mixture of materials, including metals, ceramics, polymers, composites and even wood. The joining or processing technologies feature in ‘as-made’ condition on the building blocks, to help visualise how the techniques are applied. The techniques used include an additively manufactured cross-guard, a rotary friction welded hilt, manual arc fusion welding, electron beam and laser beam welding. It also includes some of TWI’s innovations and developments, such as a cold-sprayed Cu-Al laminate coating, linear friction welded wood (without glue), friction stir welded titanium, ClearWeldTM adhesive technology, ceramic to metal brazing and an electron beam textured titanium acetabular cap (pommel). The name plaque was created from a linear friction welded titanium airframe bracket, laser-etched at a frequency which created text and a logo true to TWI’s corporate colours. More information about this piece can be found in TWI’s website. Dimensions 734mm tall x 620mm wide x 151mm deep


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