IIW welded art exhibition, 2021


Steven Borle completed an MSc in Welding Engineering through the Canadian Centre for Welding and Joining at the University of Alberta. When completing his work he enjoyed the anticipation of trying different etchants to see how each one created unique patterns and colours. While not always gaining useful information he believes it's important to try new processes as you never know which one could lead to new insight or at least a nice photo. Steven now works at Group Six Technologies, an Edmonton Alberta based company that provides laser cladding and laser heat treating services. At Group Six Technologies, Steven’s responsibilities include developing new welding procedures, new materials and applications for the laser-based processes.

Contact info E-mail: Stevenborle@gmail.com

Exhibit “IT’S ALL IN THE PERSPECTIVE” All these photos are of chromium carbide overlays taken while researching these alloys at the Canadian Centre for Welding and Joining. It highlights how using different techniques and etchants the microstructure of similar samples can look like different materials and give different insights. The photo in the top left and the two on the far right were taken using traditional microscopy techniques but different types of etchants. The two centre photos were taken using darkfield microscopy and the bottom left photo was taken using a deep etch technique and in a Scanning Electron Microscope.


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