IIW welded art exhibition, 2021


Renee started off as a non-destructive inspector for welding at a Naval shipyard, obtained a degree in structural and pipe welding, which led her to getting a job as a Fabrication Specialist at Caterpillar, and eventually moving into a welding instructors’ position. In 2017 she began making a 7-foot walk-in eyeball for a children’s museum, which was opened as an exhibit in the museum in 2019. She enjoys making animals out of silverware, nuts and bolts, and scrap metal. She has also donated artwork to a nonprofit animal shelter for auctioning, to help raise funds for supplies.

Contact info E-mail: saloka_r@yahoo.com • Instagram: LokaSalokaMetalworks

Exhibit “STEEL HABITAT” Finding an eight inch diameter pipe, Renee cut one end at an angle in a band saw, and cut the other end straight, making the total size of the pipe two feet long. With thin sheet metal, she traced the outline of the ends of the pipe, cut the shape out of the sheet metal, and placed them on the ends of the pipe to cap it. Using three different sizes of pipes, she cut them to various lengths and tacked them onto the pipe, acting as branches forming from the tree. Using the same method as before, she traced the outline of the ends of the three pieces of pipe and capped the new limbs. Welding at various temperatures, and moving the pipe in multiple positions, she began to weld beads on the log and branches, trying to get as real of a bark look as possible. Once the bark was complete, she used a Dremel tool and carved in tree rings into the ends of all the pipe. Afterwards, she found an outline of an axe and traced it onto one inch thick steel, cut it out with a torch, sharpened the end, and welded it onto the log. Organizations and volunteer groups such as WildThings NSW, help to preserve the habitat of native species by creating hollows in dead trees and limbs, using tools such as an axe. Hollows provide shelter from weather and predators, as well as a safe spot for nesting and breeding. Visit your local library or go online for more information on hollows and how you can get involved in protecting your local wildlife. Dimensions 24ins long x 15ins high x 8ins wide


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