IIW welded art exhibition, 2021


AICHI PREFECTURAL HIGH SCHOOLS OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY Each year in the Aichi Prefecture in Japan, competitions in welded art are held amongst teams of students from various schools. Such competitions help enhance the students’ skills as well as help develop a culture amongst students and staff of the importance of welding in developing their future careers. Shown below are examples of winning exhibits from three different schools each with an explanation of the motive for creating the particular exhibit.

Contact info E-mail: Mizunuma@jwes.or.jp / satoshi_aoki@jwes.or.jp

Exhibit “HANGING CRADLE TREE OF LIFE” 2020, the year of the Covid-19 Pandemic, ravaged our peaceful, predictable lives and changed them drastically. The circle of life however has continued to turn, with the natural world continuing unchanged. We remember that we are a part of this natural world and should celebrate our place in the world and the beauty around us. Our exhibit is our expression of gratitude to the natural world and reinforces the fact that ultimately we will triumph over the Covid-19 virus. The manufacturing methods used included bending using a jig, hot forging, cold forging, disc grinding, sandpaper finishing, plasma cutting and semi-automatic arc welding. The students also brushed thoroughly using a wire brush and sandpaper thus improving the lustre and texture significantly. By spraying several layers of clear lacquer, a rust preventative effect and a more beautiful lustre finish was obtained. Aichi Prefectural Aichi High School of Technology and Engineering / Mechanical Engineering Class / Competition Team: Mr. Shun Goto with seven other

team members of “Group Aren”. Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm x 70cm


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