IIW welded art exhibition, 2021


At just thirteen years old Hunter is a young blacksmith/metalsmith/welder from the US. Due to his father’s military service he has lived all over the US and is currently residing in Germany. He has loved blacksmithing since he first saw it as a young boy, and as soon as he was big enough to swing a hammer he began begging for a forge and anvil. As he has grown in his blacksmithing abilities he has also expanded his metalworking into welding which he has just recently been learning. Hunter’s other passions include karate, in which he recently earned a black belt, guitar, and learning about history.

Contact info E-mail: hunterforging@gmail.com • Facebook: @hunterforging • Instagram: @hephaestusforging

Exhibit “LIVING STEEL” For this piece Hunter wanted to showcase his love of traditional blacksmithing as well as his newfound skill of stick welding. The tree is a combination of these two techniques, and stands about 36 inches tall and 36 inches wide. The entire piece is fabricated from steel, most of it scraps from other projects. The idea was to show that metal doesn’t have to always appear cold and hard, but can have a certain organic quality to it if it is shaped well. The trunk of the tree is formed from eight long pieces of steel including 5/8 inch rebar as well as 3/8 and 1/4 inch cold rolled steel. Hunter forge welded these pieces together using a coal forge and traditional forge welding techniques. In order to attach the tree to the 10 inch square base, stick welding was employed. An oxy-propane torch was used to bend down the arms of the tree. Hunter then forged 27 leaves, using his propane forge, which he stick welded onto the tree branches. His hope is that he can inspire young artists to find something they enjoy doing and pursue it, and also to show that blacksmithing is more than just making blades. Dimensions 90 cm high x 90 cm wide


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