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PIP+ ® Nasal Masks and Scavenging Circuits for Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Sedation


PIP+ nasal masks and circuits provide a time proven path- way between between N 2 O/ O 2 flowmeters and patients allowing clear flow of medical gases and safe removal of exhalations. The mask rests comfortably over the nose and is available in a variety of sizes, colors, and scents. In-line

versions come with a vacuum controller while RFS™ versions connect directly to remote vacuum controllers.


Masks are made of biocompatible plastics with GRAS colors and scents. Scavenging cir- cuits, reservoir bags, and tubing are made of biocompatible silicones, nylons, and plastics. Product and packaging are not made with natural rubber latex and do not come into contact with latex molecules during production. • Scavenger Circuit I contains the basic circuit, an in-line controller (if applicable), and a sample pack of 9 PIP+ nasal masks. • Scavenger Circuit II contains the basic circuit, in-line controller (if applicable), a sample pack of 9 nasal masks, a reservoir bag and a corrugated delivery hose. • Disposable Masks available in variety of sizes and scents and are shipped 24 in a carton • Multi-use masks available in single quantities



Product is available in the following configurations:

Product Code Description 32007

Product Code Description 33008

Product Code Description 32009

PIP+ Scavenging Circuit II (Inline) RFS Scavenging Circuit I (Inline) Scavenger w Small Multi-Use Large Adult Vanilla masks Medium Variety Pack Masks Medium Unscented masks Medium Bubblegum masks

PIP+ Scavenging Circuit I (RFS) Scavenger w Medium Multi-Use

PIP+ Scavenging Circuit II (RFS) Scavenger w Large Multi-Use

33010 33013



33015-9 33015-16 33016-3 33016-11 33016-14 33017-1 33017-11

Large Unscented masks

33015-3 33015-15 33016-2 33016-10 33016-13 33016-16 33017-10 33017-17

Large Variety Pack Masks

33015-14 33016-1 33016-9 33016-12 33016-15 33017-9 33017-12

Large Mint masks

Large Peach masks

Medium Variety Pack Masks Medium Strawberry masks Medium Vanilla masks Small Variety Pack Masks Small Strawberry masks Large Multi-Use Mask (single)

Medium Variety Pack Mask Medium Orange masks Medium Pina Colada mask

Medium Peach masks Small Unscented masks Small Bubblegum masks

Medium Mint masks Small Orange masks Small Grape masks



Medium Multi-Use Mask (single)


Small Multi-Use Mask (single)


Scavenging Circuits: • Shipping Carton (6"x7"x20")

• Weight (2.2 lbs) • Weight (1.2 lbs)

Nasal Masks:

• Shipping Carton (6"x9"x9")

• Transport and Storage Temp: -40°C to +70°C, Humidity: 10%-100%

Accutron™, RFS® and PIP+® are trademarks or registered trademark of Accutron, Inc., a subsidiary of Crosstex International, Inc.

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