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LEADERS IN THE RESTAURANT INDUSTRY Lead·er -’led r/: the person who leads or commands a group. In the restaurant’s industry case, our leaders are those who translate their visions into reality while inspiring others to do the same. Statistics show that restaurants typically fail at a higher rate than any other small business type. e

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UNIQUE CAREERS IN THE INDUSTRY Restaurateur, chef, hostess, and bartender - these are just a few and the list goes on. However, careers in the industry extend beyond food and beverage. Take a look at some of the unique careers in our industry.

Arizona Restaurant News follows the leader to talk with the people shaping the foodservice and restaurant industry. Get ahead of the class; hear from today’s top performers as they share lessons learned, tackle tomorrow’s opportunities and transform the business of food.

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QUICK TIPS FROM INDUSTRY LEADERS What better way to prep, plan and prepare for success than by learning from the examples set by our industry leaders? We’ve asked a few of our top restaurateurs and chefs to share their insights.



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