Hononegah Highlights


Hononegah Highlights

The Beginning of Summer- Cancer They can be characterized as moody, but as a cardinal water sign, their emo- tions are easily influenced and are quick to flip flop frequently. The Beginning of Fall- Libra Libras live their life in the gray and they'll need to fully weigh out the op- tions before they are comfortable mak- ing a decision. Sometimes that process can be time consuming and stressful; so, they'd rather keep the peace or avoid the conflict, making them come o ff as passive or indecisive. The Beginning of Winter- Capricorn In the sense of starting new things, Capricorns cleanse themselves of the objects that are no longer useful in or- der to move forward or establish suc- cess in the materialistic world. The Fixed These signs indicate the peak or mid- dle of a season and are portrayed as stubborn, slow, rigid, loyal, consistent, and dependable. The Middle of Spring- Taurus Tauruses have a slow and methodical approach to life. They're practical and

Zodiac Modality

reliable individuals who prefer to stick with what works, which can come o ff them as stubborn and rigid. The Middle of Summer- Leo They're very protective of their family and possessions and always want to be the center of attention, like a beacon of light. The Middle of Fall- Scorpio As a fixed water sign, Scorpios are very secretive and prefer to hold in their emotions rather than expressing them. The Middle of Winter- Aquarius Though air signs are ones to dabble in a little bit of everything, in the fixed modality, when Aquarians have an idea or belief that really makes sense to them, they uphold it to a high esteem and defend it unyieldingly. In addition, they're very much self-learners; they like to do things their way and will of- ten dismiss anyone's warnings or advice.

the end and the beginning of a season. They're usually characterized as adapt- able and flexible, which can sometimes be portrayed as flakey. The End of Spring/ Start of Summer- Gemini These traits adhere to Gemini's curiosi- ty, adaptability, and constant need to exchange ideas. They're a known chat- terbox and very much sociable. The End of Summer/ Start of Fall- Vir- go Adaptability in the materialistic realm means they are physically adaptable. Virgos like to feel needed and want to please others and will change them- selves physically in order to do so. The End of Fall/ Start of Winter- Sagittarius Being adaptable in the element of fire, Sagittariuses have a known passion for adventure, experiences, and truly value their freedom .

By Maria Pulido

Zodiac modality refers to the specific point/time in a season in which one of the 12 Zodiac signs are expressed. A Zodiac sign can either be expressed at the beginning of a season (which are the cardinal signs), the middle/peak of a season (which are the fixed signs), or the end/start of a season (which are the mutable signs). All together with the qualities of a modality + the quali- ties of an element, you get the basic characteristics of a zodiac sign. Ex.) Cardinal + Fire = Aries The Cardinals These signs indicate the beginning of a season, meaning they have a strong urge to start things. They're known to be leaders, independent, self-motivat- ed, and ambitious; though, they have a hard time seeing them through. The Beginning of Spring- Aries In the fire element, this is where Aries gets their energetic, loud, and impul- sive personality. They're ambitious, ag- gressive, and like to live on instinct.

The Mutatables These signs are the intertwinement of

The End of Winter/ Start of Spring- Pis ces

They can come o ff as wishy-washy, passive, or seemingly never have an opinion; but as a Pisces, they try to adapt to or consider everyone else's feelings or whims before their own so frequently that they can lose how to feel on their own ∎

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