Hononegah Highlights

Hononegah Highlights


Going Clubbin'

we can have a homecoming game night. Ooh, that sounds fun!

club meets every week on either Thurs- days or Fridays, depending on what day your group has school. Every week, a contest is held where you can submit your own makeup or outfit look to po- tentially win a prize! During meetings you'll sign in, hand in your pledge form --a form confirming your membership and understanding of the pandemic safety precautions-- find out the win- ner of the photo contest, and learn about upcoming events. Events could include videos about Fashion News Live, a movie such as the Devil Wears Prada, or just discussions about every- one's favorite makeup or outfit looks. If you're not convinced yet, then here's an interview of a freshman member of the club, Katherine Chambers: Q: Why did you join the Fashion and Cosmetology Club? A: I joined because I wanted to learn more about fashion and makeup. Q: What do you enjoy about this club? A: I enjoy learning about makeup and

all of the activities we do such as the weekly photo contest. It's fun to try out new looks and submit them for prizes. Q: Why do you enjoy these aspects or activities? A: It's just fun to meet new people and learn more about something I didn't know a lot about previously. I'd love for new members to join our club. The Fashion and Cosmetology club is a great outlet during this pandemic. If you want to try something new and meet people, then I know Mrs. Christo ff and the other members would love to have you ∎

Fashion and Cosmetology Club

However, with the football team begin- ning its season in February, the oppor- tunity to have a homecoming is slim to none. Still, to compensate for this lack of homecoming, Hononegah had a spooky themed spirit week in celebra- tion of Halloween! Some of Honone- gah's clubs, such as Student Council and Key Club, participated in a multi- tude of di ff erent activities. For example, the Student Council created themed dress-up days, Key Club host- ed a coin blitz, and there was a Trunk or Treat on Friday, October 30th that many clubs participated in. Even though a fall Homecoming was a bust, I say, lets look on the bright side: the year 2020 is rapidly coming to an end! And to this, I say, let's be optimistic and dance even if we don't have a Home- coming--- as the wise Friedrich Niet- zsche once said, "We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once." ∎

By Kelly Hernandez

Hononegah has been extremely di ff er- ent due to Covid-19 regulations this year, but we all have to keep our heads up and find something to keep our- selves busy. So, if you're considering joining a club, then Fashion and Cos- metology might be the club for you! Fashion and Cosmetology Club centers around makeup, but this fun and cre- ative club is also a great place to meet new friends, win prizes, and even occa- sionally watch a movie. Fashion and Cosmetology club is a low- key club that doesn't put attendance as a requirement. If you're interested in joining by the end of this article, then you can email Mrs. Christo ff for more information, or listen to the announce- ments about upcoming meetings. The

Hopes and Hoops

By Jocelyn Fetting

The Corona Virus has ruined many op- portunities in 2020; however, girls bas- ketball coach, Mr. Brunke, is desperate-

The Fashion and Cosmetology Club's purple group members with advisor Mrs. Christo ff .

Freshman members Kelly Hernandez and Katherine Chambers assist with the club's Harry Potter themed "Trunk or Treat."

The Fashion and Cosmetology Club's gold group members.

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