Courtesy of Steve Mullock



The transformation of wooden pallets into items for the home has been a popular DIY project for several years and now high-end designers are jumping on this trend train. With weathered, earthy decor as desirable as ever, inexpensive – and sometimes free – wooden pallets are the perfect material for everything from wall treatments to furniture to artwork. Here are just a few ways designers and homeowners have been incorporating pallets into interior spaces: Add personality to walls. Paint and wallpaper certainly aren’t the only options when it comes to creating a statement wall. Wooden pallets, which will already have their own patina and colour variations can be dismantled and used as paneling with either a clear coat or a stain for finish. Add more storage . From a backer for hooks, to floating shelves, to a full-fledged bookcase, wooden pallet boards are the material of choice for creating unique, yet functional, pieces full of handmade charm. Leave it as is. That’s right! An unaltered pallet has many uses, particularly in the garden. A trellis for climbing vines or a place to store tools – sometimes all an old item needs is a fresh purpose to make it new again.

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