Kay & Associates, Inc. Profit Sharing & Retirement Savings Plan

Welcome to the Kay & Associates, Inc. Profit Sharing & Retirement Savings Plan.

Enrolling in the Plan has never been easier!

Decide how much you want to save. Choose your investments. Enroll! Call 1.866.767.1212 or visit MillimanBenefits.com. You may also download our mobile app - Milliman Mobile Benefits to enroll.* Use MillimanBenefits.com and its tools, such as the PlanAhead for Retirement ® Calculator, or the Financial Resource Center. Don’t forget about naming your beneficiaries! *If you enroll via the app, you will be defaulted into the investment detailed on the QDIA notice located in this guide.

If there are discrepancies between the contents of this document and the plan document, the terms of the plan shall govern. Please refer to your Summary Plan Description (SPD) for more information on this subject. The Summary Plan Description is available at MillimanBenefits.com.

Questions or need to enroll? Call the Milliman Benefits Service Center at 1.866.767.1212 . Or log on to MillimanBenefits.com . Plan Details Annual Notice Investments Manage Your Account

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