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My Wish: A Happy New Year Once again, we turn our thoughts to a new year. Depending on where we are in our life’s journey, we are thinking of the health of our loved ones or ourselves, our family or personal stability and finances. We also consider the current events such as the Middle East, Crimea, the Sony hack and related threats, or the political turmoil in the U.S. Another year brings about both new and recurring concerns. However, it also brings about both new and recurring hope. For this first message of 2015 I wish to reiterate some of the things I have written in the past. My hopes for us at Temple Adat Elohim remain much the same as they have been for the past year. My goal for this year is for all of us to remain focused on Temple Adat Elohim as a community of wonderful people who have a shared Jewish purpose of learning, tikkun olam, loving kindness and a desire for TAE to be a place of renewal and friendship. It is a sanctuary for us to frame and gain perspective on those things that we will be thinking about as we think of 2015. For some of us at Temple Adat Elohim, an important current event that will certainly have an impact on all of us in the New Year is our ongoing rabbinic search and its result. We want that rabbi to have many qualities including wisdom, leadership, warmth, scholarly, intelligence, drive, humor, open-mindedness, and spirituality. I have continually been impressed by the cadre of temple leaders whom we have trusted with this important task. These several dozen of our fellow congregants, representing the full diversity of our community have been and will continue to work diligently, with open hearts and good intent on the Rabbinic Search Committee, the Kadima Strategic Planning Committee, the Board of Directors and numerous others on committees on behalf of all of TAE so that we will have a good future. They have a deep understanding of what the temple members have said are our important criteria for our settled rabbi. They have gathered a large amount of data on our candidates from written, verbal, and personal communications to create a vivid and multidimensional understanding of the strengths and limitations of the candidates. I continue to believe that their collective wisdom, forbearance, and perseverance and selflessness will set us toward a 2015 that will be even better than where we are currently. I again ask that we each trust in them, support them and honor them, as they honor us through all their hard work. As they have been so generous to us with their time and wisdom, we owe them generosity of spirit and presumption of positive intent.

Our Mission: Temple Adat Elohim is a welcoming and fulfilling Jewish community

embracing those who seek spirituality, knowledge, and a desire to heal the world.

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