USD Magazine Fall 2013


Making a real difference in the lives of others is priority one for the USD Parent Corps community service project volunteers.

[ h e l p i n g h a n d s ]

USD P a r e n t C o r p s r e a d y a nd w i l l i n g t o s e r v e o t h e r s ENGAGEMENT THROUGH ACTION

by Ryan T. Blystone S

member, is part of the USD Parent Corps, made up of par- ents of current students — some of whom are USD alumni them- selves. She, along with her hus- band, John, flew in early from Boston to participate in the hands-on, one-day community service project, just days before

up, wiped her brow and expressed genuine happiness while working so hard to help others. “This is going to be a success, I can already feel it,” said Hassett, the mother of two sons, both of whom are University of San Diego alumni. Hassett, a USD Parent Association Board

attending their youngest son’s commencement ceremony. Other volunteers included current students Austin Pavin, Shayna Mohammad and Shannon Merrill, and some USD employees, too. Together, they cleaned up the home’s front and back yards, spruced up the landscaping and

usan Hassett was deter- mined to pull up a stubborn patch of tall, dry weeds in

the front yard of Anayeli Zambrano and Raul Medina’s home in Barrio Logan. It only took a minute or so, but when she successfully uproot- ed and cleared it away, she treated it like a small victory. She jumped


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