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Beat The Winter Decorating Blues Remembering the beautiful and majestic side of winter can help make the next few months a little more bearable as thermometers dip below zero and the snow continues to fly. Alternately, slowly bringing spring to your d├ęcor can do the same. Take small steps and incorporate a bit of colour here and there and before you know it, spring will arrive. Start by replacing centerpieces and vases throughout the house that are filled with winter plants with more spring-friendly silk flowers like tulips and crocuses. Or if you prefer live plants, change the plant pots or vases to bright green ones. Add some pastel coloured throw pillows to your bed (think blues, corals and yellows) or pull out your summer duvet cover and put it on your winter quilt. In the living room, swap your usual area rug with a colourful one or add patches of spring colour to the room with new lampshades, curtains or even coffee tables. As you start in one room, your ideas will grow and soon your home will have hints of spring everywhere.

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