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Standard Finishing Systems is recognized as a leading provider of folding, saddlestitching, perfect binding, collating, bookletmaking, die-cutting, and inspection solutions to the conventional print marketplace. In response to the special needs of the expanding digital print market, we also provide the most complete range of in-line, off-line and near-line feeding and finishing products. With over 30 years experience in the professional print finishing market, Standard has built an outstanding reputation in the industry by providing high-quality products coupled with strong customer support. Standard products are offered through a comprehensive network of authorized dealers, who pride themselves on providing the highest levels of sales and service support. Standard Hunkeler pre/post and web finishing products are sold by a field sales team that has broad printing and paper handling expertise. As organizations of all kinds look to cost effectively handle their document finishing needs, Standard is ready with the best available products from around the world. Each brings the highest level of value and performance, which helps Standard continue to set new standards in document finishing excellence.

Working together and dedicated to excellence.

PF-P280 Tabletop Folder The Standard portfolio of Horizon and Hunkeler feeding and finishing solutions delivers outstanding performance for the fast-changing offset and digital print markets. Our focus is productivity and reliability, through innovative engineering and superior manufacturing quality, to help our customers achieve efficient, professional results for all applications.. p

Call us to discuss your needs. We’ll tailor a solution to your requirements, arrange a demonstration, and introduce you to other printers who have already automated their operations for efficiency and profit using Standard equipment.

The perfect finish depends on a winning team!

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Founded over 60 years ago in the tradition-rich city of Kyoto, Horizon's world-class factories are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. Horizon’s legendary performance and reliability is recognized internationally across a broad range of finishing categories. The Biwako plant is the largest facility in the world producing vertically integrated products for all major paper finishing operations: folding, perfect binding, trimming, collating, stitching, slitting/creasing, and cutting.

Doug Reny Vice President of Operations

Hunkeler is well-established as a leading supplier of paper handling products for the high-speed digital print and integrated forms and label markets. Precision engineering and unsurpassed reliability are the hallmarks of Hunkeler unwinders, rewinders, and rotary cutting systems for commercial print, transactional, POD, and mailroom applications.

Standard’s partnerships perfect binders inspection systems collating/saddlestitching systems paper folders die cutters/creasers smart sheet processing digital print feeding & finishing paper cutters office production C o n t e n t s

David Reny Executive Vice President

1 2 5 6 8

Steven Reny President

Standard is proud to partner with industry-leading digital print providers and digital press manufacturers to bring an unmatched level of integrated feeding and finishing solutions to customers across all print industry segments.

Digital Print Partners

10 11 12 16 17





Quickest set-up and changeover in its class!

Superior quality finishing results.

Movable, color touchscreen

Shorter runs, faster turnarounds…your profitability depends on them. And that's where Standard Horizon perfect binders excel. Quality engineered for single person operation, they can produce from 1 up to 6,000 superior quality perfect bound books per hour. With fast, easy set-ups and change-overs, and advanced error detecting features, every book is “perfectly” bound and profitable.

Our customers say it best...

“We were looking for something that could handle the volumes coming out of our digital facility, and give us the quality and uptime we needed. The BQ-470 is able to take on everything we send it from a perfect bound standpoint.”

Thomson Reuters, Eagan, Minnesota

Elevator delivery system

NEW BQ-480 The BQ-480 Perfect Binder features the quickest set-up and changeover for variable book production in its class, especially for book-of-one. With interchangeable PUR and EVA glue tanks, the binder also offers advanced automation through a movable, color touchscreen including adjustments for roller height, nipping height, and amount of side glue. Specially designed to meet the requirements of PUR book binding, the BQ-480 includes a gentle elevator delivery system with a mere 5mm drop, and also accommodates the lowest temperature setting for PUR glue.

The HT-30C Single-knife Three-side Trimmer. Up to 12" of books can be loaded into the in-feed hopper, where books are automatically fed for unattended operation. The HT-30C features automated job set-ups and quick changeovers. A single operator for both binding and trimming provides in-line productivity with off-line flexibility. HT-30C


The BQ-160 Semi-Automatic Binder with PUR capability in-line with the CRB-160 Cover Creaser which receives crease position data directly from the binder. The system is ideal for short-run digital photo books and other applications. BQ-160/CRB-160


BQ-470 + HT-80 The BQ-470 Perfect Binder dramatically increases productivity with fully automated set-up and book binding up to 2.5" thick at speeds up to 1,000 books per hour. Quick-change adhesive system allows switching between EVA and PUR adhesive in just minutes. Maximum glue penetration and a superior side glue application system ensure high quality output and strong, square binds with every book. The HT-80 Three-knife Trimmer is shown in-line with the BQ-470 perfect binder. Easily handles trimming of variable thickness books, one after another, for true on-demand book production.

Quality engineered 1 up to 6,000/hr Highest quality with EVA or PUR

The BQ-280PUR Single Operator Automatic Binder features a 10.4" intelligent color touchscreen control console and a sensor- activated digital caliper that measures book thickness and automatically transfers the settings to the binder for quick, automated changeover. Specialized spine preparation, PUR glue application, book handling, and delivery insure high quality long lasting spines.

The BQ-270V Single Operator Automatic Binder features a 10.4" intelligent color touchscreen control console and a sensor-activated digital caliper that measures book thickness and automatically transfers the settings to the binder for quick, automated changeover. The automated set-up process allows truly efficient single edition POD book production.

The HT-1000V Variable Trimmer achieves zero make-ready on trim size and book thickness changes. Well suited for short-run production, and book of one production using barcode driven set-up. Maximum productivity is 1,000 books per hour on book of one production. HT-1000V







Perfect engineering. Perfect performance.

Intelligent automation from start to finish.

17 clamps 36 gathering stations PUR and/or EVA adhesives

Automated Workflow

The Standard Horizon pXnet Bindery Management System provides management visibility, control, production data collection, and a wide range of benefits. The pXnet system is available for nearly all Standard Horizon folders, binders, trimmers, collators, bookletmakers, and cutters.

The Standard Horizon CABS high performance binding system is a fully-automated, high-quality production binder. Computer assisted operation simplifies setup procedures. Changeovers are ultra-fast.

The pXnet system leverages the power of JDF across the bindery, allowing jobs to flow seamlessly through the entire print production process from MIS, Prepress, Press and Postpress.

The SB-09V Perfect Binder features high-quality production perfect binding with automated operation, and it can be run as a stand-alone binder or as a complete binding system with in-line gathering and three-knife trimming. The SB-09V nine-clamp binder is designed for production of up to 4,000 books per hour, with change-over and set-up performed in less than 3 minutes. SB-09V

pXnet Benefits include:

Barcoded job tickets for automated machine set-up, with the ability to save and recall recurring jobs Easy drag-and-drop job scheduling/planning, for efficient utilization and load balancing Determine equipment availability, capture real-time production statistics, monitor work-in-process, track problems and measure true production costs When JDF is available from MIS or prepress, set-up parameters can flow directly into pXnet

The CABS (Computer Aided Binding System) 6000 Perfect Binding System is the most automated binding and trimming system in its class, with quick set up features and advanced control technology. The CABS 6000 includes 17 clamps and up to 36 gathering stations. You can easily switch between EVA and PUR adhesives with an in-line stacker for standalone gathering. With production speeds up to 6,000 books per hour, the CABS 6000 is JDF-ready. The HT-110 Three-knife Trimmer features automated set-up for different book sizes and precision cutting accuracy. Job changeovers are performed simply and quickly through the LCD touch screen. For in-line or off-line operation. CABS 6000

Verification . Automation VI VA INSPECTION SYSTEMS . Integrity . Vision


Vision-based verification delivers document integrity.

Standard Horizon and Standard Hunkeler come together to offer a full range of binding solutions from stand-alone perfect binders and trimmers to automated book binding systems running from pre-printed roll to finished book. These newly-configured perfect binding production systems are designed for continuous-feed digital-print environments. SmartBinding Solutions from Web Fed Digital Print

VIVA can be deployed across a range of Standard Finishing Solutions. Utilizing an integrated system of cameras and scanners for read/verify applications, Standard VIVA vision-based inspection systems allow the operator to identify regions of interest and tune the cameras specifically to verify the information contained in those regions. It is capable of simultaneously verifying all industry standard code formats including barcodes, OMR, and OCR.

Different versions of VIVA address specific applications:

VIVA stitch VIVA bind VIVA fold

In-line Variable-Format Softcover Book Production Featuring combined technology from Horizon and Hunkeler, Standard’s unique and flexible binding solutions handle the full range of book production requirements. Our newest system starts with Hunkeler unwinding, plow folding, and dynamic cutting modules to produce glued book blocks with variable format and thickness, which are then intelligently de-stacked in the newly developed Hunkeler BD7 Book Destacker. From there, books are automatically transferred to the NEW Horizon BQ-480 Perfect Binder for spine preparation, gluing and cover application before being three-knife trimmed in the zero make-ready, fully-variable Horizon HT-1000V.

Star Wheel Delivery


Binding on the BQ-480



Plow Folding

VIVAbind Screen Shot s System status is indicated by colored backgrounds so any system message can be easily identified and resolved.

Three-knife trimming on the HT-1000V





Touchscreen automation for fast, easy set-ups.

Automated system eliminates signature folding.

User-friendly touchcreens Wireless remote Rugged and reliable

Standard Horizon collating and saddlestitching systems bring a whole new dimension to print finishing operations. Combining unmatched operating speeds, easy-to-use touch-screen controls for end-to-end automation, and expandability to 6 towers for unparalleled productivity and application flexibilty. Standard Horizon HOF Series Feeders provide production speed and flexibility for digital print environments. The system feeds pre-collated digital output at up to 45,000 sheets per hour. By adding a collator tower, it can effectively serve both offset and digital printing under one roof.

Each Standard Horizon collating/saddlestitching system is designed for quick and easy set-ups and changeover offering square folds, accurate stitch alignment, and precise cross-over registration.

The fully-featured wireless remote control operates and monitors all collator functions.

Our customers say it best...

“The ability for the Stitchliner to transition between differing jobs and multiple substrates and stock weight quickly is critical in our overall efficiency _ and, ultimately, our overall success in meeting our clients’ needs.”

Lellyett & Rogers, Nashville, TN

The New StitchLiner Mark III features expanded booklet size and increased productivity up to 6,000 booklets/hour. Now you can produce a wider range of applications including landscape-size booklets, 12" x 12" calendars, and pocket booklets down to 4.5" x 3.5". The system offers fully automated set-up, including stitching head settings, with no manual adjustments required for book thickness at the trimmer. Variable stitch length and variable page count booklets can be processed with ease. NEW StitchLiner Mark III

The SPF/FC-200L Landscape Flat-sheet Saddlestitching System provides simple set-ups, quick changeovers, and heavy-duty stitching heads for reliable booklet production. Features include advanced touchscreen control (10.4" screen), integrated hand-marry, and automatic eject of errored booklets for up to 3,500 non-stop landscape-size booklets per hour. VAC-1000 + SPF/FC-200L

12" x 12" calendars Pocket-size booklets Landscape-size booklets

StitchLiner 5500

The SPF/FC-200A Flat-sheet Saddlestitching System provides simple set-ups, quick changeovers, and heavy-duty stitching heads for reliable booklet production. The ST-40 stacker will straight or offset stack your collating needs. VAC-1000 + ST-40 + SPF/FC-200A

The StitchLiner 5500 is a pioneering concept for demanding printing and publishing environments that combines flat sheet gathering, scoring, folding, stitching, and three-knife trimming in one integrated line. Shown with the new VAC-1000 collator.

The HOF-400 with integrated high-capacity vacuum cover feeder allows for high- speed processing of pre-collated digitally-imaged work, as part of a StitchLiner or as shown here with the SPF-200L landscape flat-sheet saddlestitching system. Each HOF-400 high speed offline feeder provides flexible system configurations such as cover feeding, variable page count, bleed trimming, and creasing for digital printing. HOF-400 + SPF/FC-200L

The HOF-400 with optional high-capacity vacuum cover feeder allows for high-speed processing of pre-collated digitally-imaged work, as part of a StitchLiner or SPF saddle- stitching system. Each HOF model easily handles personalized, variable data and page count with text and cover verification, and can manage the output of multiple digital printers. HOF-400 + StitchLiner 5500



Flat sheets to saddlestitched booklets _ up to 6,000 Booklets/Hour! FOLDING/SADDLESTITCHING


Set up in as few as 15 seconds.

Advanced automated set-up Superior suction-feed system Scoring roller position navigator Pharmaceutical folds Sheet sizes from 1.97" x 3.94" up to 16.92" x 25.98"

“Standard Horizon technologies have proven to be user- friendly, enabling us to cross train our operators on different machines. This equipment significantly reduces changeovers for post-press processes like folding and binding.” Model Offset Printing Puerto Rico Our customers say it best... Designed for commercial printers, in-plant printers, and binderies, the Standard Horizon AF Series Floor Model Folders include advanced set- up automation, including gap settings, through a user-friendly color touch-screen control panel. Up to two hundred different jobs can be stored in memory with set-ups accomplished in as little as fifteen seconds. Precise stepper motors drive feed, registration, and fold plates to the exact location for the sheet size and fold style selected.

Horizon introduces a new, hybrid approach to saddlestitching! Eliminate the folding process and go from digital or offset press sheet to saddlestitched booklet using only a single operator! It’s the next generation in Folding Solutions!

Press sheets up to 40"

NEW FoldLiner

Horizon’s New FoldLiner Saddlestitching System accommodates press sheets up to 40". Produce 8, 12, or 16-page booklets up to 6,000 booklets/hour. Combine 4-page signatures from the collating tower for greater flexibility to produce an even wider range of booklet sizes. Covers can also be merged from the tower. Mark reading allows for multiple signature gathering (for higher page-count booklets) and variable signature gathering.


The AFC-566FG Floor Model Vacuum-feed Folder features fully automated set-up, including gap settings, 6 parallel fold plates, and cross-fold section for a wide variety of folding applications. Stores up to 200 different jobs in memory with automated make-ready in 14 seconds. And, it impressively handles sensitive digitally-imaged sheets without marking.

Produce 8, 12, or 16-page booklets Combine 4-page signatures and covers from collating tower

Sheet sizes up to 21.9" x 34"

The AFC-746 Floor Model Vacuum-feed Folder features simple operation, quick changeovers, high speed production, and superior quality folds. This 6-buckle folder handles sheet sizes up to 29.1" x 43.3” with up to 47 automated adjustments including in-feed, roller gap, buckle fold, and knife-fold sections. Select from 3 different feed units for various work environments. Offers 20 pre-set fold patterns and memory for 200 custom jobs. NEW AFC-746F

The AF-406F small-format, fully-automated 6-buckle folder with pile feed and suction head, and an optional 6-buckle second unit added with a right angle conveyor for pharmaceutical, small format, and direct mail applications _ for sheets folded down to .79" x .79". This provides application flexibility, especially for the insert, outsert, and pharmaceutical markets. State of the art technology provides automated guidance for scoring tool positioning. AF-406F + Right Angle 6+6 Buckle

Sheet sizes up to 16.9" x 25.98"

NEW AFV-566/TV-564 Horizon’s New AFV-566/TV-564 includes automatic scoring navigation and double-sheet detection, improved registration, and easier sheet loading. Optional dynamic folding is also possible to change fold pattern on-the-fly for variable signatures to minimize blank sheets at the end of a book.







Processing B2 (20" x 29") digitally printed sheets.

Simple. Easy. One pass processing.

Cut, Collate, and Stack Gutter Cut and Edge Trim Multiple Job Separation JDF Driven

Standard Horizon Rotary Die-Cutters meet growing demand for short- run applications. Feeding, die-cutting, and separating achieved in one pass. Die cutting and kiss cutting can be performed simultaneously with two different blade heights, making the rotary die cutter ideal for producing labels and stickers. Creasing to avoid image cracking makes it a perfect choice for boxes, pocket folders and greeting cards which require additional folding after die-cutting.

With the introduction of the SmartStacker, Horizon and HP Indigo offer a revolutionary, integrated, high-performance solution for automated cutting, trimming, collating, and stacking of B2 format digital print. The SmartStacker helps increase automation for faster job turn-around and less waste and errors, resulting in higher productivity, quality, and profitability.

Blank Page Removal B2 Size Sheet Range

The possibilities are endless!

Boxes and packaging Pocket folders Labels/Stickers and more!

The RD-3346 Rotary Die Cutter System perforates, slits, hole punches and round corners various substrates up to 0.013" (die-cutting only) thickness for digital and offset printed sheets. Feeding, die-cutting, and separating are achieved in one pass at a speed up to 5,000 cycles per hour. Sheet sizes up to 13" x 21.65" RD-3346 The RD-4055 / RD-4055DMC (Dual Magnetic Cylinder) Rotary Die Cutter Systems crease, perforate, slit, hole punch and round corners various substrates up to 0.019" (die- cutting only) thickness for digital and offset printed sheets. Feeding, die-cutting, and separating are achieved in one pass at a speed up to 6,000 cycles per hour. Both set-up and operation can be done through the intuitive touch screen which displays graphical illustrations that are simple and easy to understand. Sheet sizes up to 15.74" x 21.65". RD-4055 / RD-4055DMC The SmartSlitter All-In-One Smart Sheet Processing System can slit, gutter cut, edge trim, cross- cut, perforate, and crease all in one pass. Print mark registration adjusts for digital print image shift from sheet-to-sheet. Simple operation and easy job set-up via barcode. Ideal for greeting cards, table tents, invitations, and business cards. Skip perf feature can produce T- and L-perfs for tickets, coupons, and reply cards. SmartConnect software package available. SmartSlitter RD-4055DMC for advanced and more complex die cutting applications.

The SmartStacker can be operated as a near-line system. The newly designed sheet-feeder accommodates B2 sheets at up to 4,500 sheets per hour. It can also be connected directly to the HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press. Print submission, print, and sheet processing can be performed without any manual operation for higher sheet integrity and an efficient workflow. The SmartStacker

Photobooks Postcards Greeting cards


The CRA-36 Auto-Creaser provides high quality creasing with automated sheet feeding and registration. Perforation can be performed by simple unit replacement. Rotary perforation, edge trim and double cut is also possible in one pass. Designed for digital and offset printed sheets, the CRA-36 eliminates cracking common with digital print, cross grain and UV coating. CRA-36 The CRF-362 Creaser/Folder has been designed to handle the unique requirements of creasing and folding digital color output across a wide range of light and heavy weight stocks, coated or uncoated. Creasing and folding can be done in one pass for easy and accurate processing of a variety of applications such as restaurant menus, greeting cards, book covers, and marketing collateral. CRF-362





Countless applications, always HUNKELER .

Modular components Technical support Security where it counts

“It takes about five minutes to go from folded signatures to stacked book blocks running at 400 fpm, which is amazing. We used to spend days running jobs that we can now turnaround in hours.” The World Bank, Printing & Multimedia Services Landover, Maryland Our customers say it best...

Standard Hunkeler leads the way in continuous-feed digital print solutions, with high-speed unwinders, cutter/stackers, processors, fanfolders, rewinders, and inspection systems that feature unsurpassed performance, set-up, automation, and reliability — on nearly every digital black-and-white and color production print platform. Standard introduces Hunkeler’s New Generation 8 featuring even greater automation, a wider range of formats and paper weights, speeds up to 600 fpm, and integrated web inspection.

CS8 Length- and Cross-cutter

NEW Generation 8 Roll to Stack Loose Leaf Book Stack Production The modular roll-to-stack solution for stack output with digital continuous feed printing systems. Innovative non-stop stacker with single cut sheeter or variable chip-out rotary double cutter for full bleed products. Cleanly offset-stacked sheets can be output for further downstream processing.

UW6 Unwinder

SE8 Offset Separator

NEW Generation 8

LS8 Stacker

Book Block Solution with Glued Signatures and Star Wheel Delivery The modular book solution for the production of glued book blocks in-line or off-line for continuous digital printing systems up to a paper width of 30". Processing of 4, 6, or 8-page signatures with quick setups and changeovers. The system is characterized by

UW6 Unwinder

WB6 Web Buffer

PF7 Double Plow Folder

Printing System

CS6-HS High Speed Cutter

SD7 Star Wheel Delivery

modularity and flexibility coupled with simple and safe handling.

Almost any conceivable digital application

A customized Hunkeler Solution

CS6 Length- and Cross-cutter

UW6 Unwinder

ACF-30S Accumulator

SPF-30S Stitcher

HT-30S Trimmer

Printing System

UW6 / UW7 Unwinder

Roll to Saddlestitch High Performance Booklet Production

Roll to Roll In the area of transactional applications, the Hunkeler Roll to Roll solution offers different configurations for digital continuous feed printing systems 20.5" or 30" wide, up to 820 fpm. The efficiency of rewinding printed rolls for post-processing in any application in the transactional, direct mail, print-on-demand, or packaging segment and high speed roll unwinding into inserters and other finishing systems.

WI6 Web Inspection

RW6 /RW7 Rewinder

Full-color personalized brochures with variable number of pages. The solution for high-speed roll-to-booklet production of education, leaflets, direct mail etc. As an option, the line can be equipped with DP6 dynamic perforating, and cover and sheet inserting.

PP6 Punch/Perf Module

DP8 Dynamic Perforation and Punch

WM8 Web Merger with Integrated WI8 Web Inspection

UW6 Unwinder

UW6 Unwinder

Printing System

CS8 Length- and Cross-cutter

WI6 Web Inspection

AF-566F Folder

The modular Hunkeler roll to fanfold line with optional punch and perforation system for in-line tractor and file hole punching and fanfold perforationg. The solution offers an efficient worfkflow and reduction of paper or logistic cost in the print and inserting environment. Roll to Fanfold

NEW Generation 8 Roll to Fold Continuous-feed Folding Advanced folder automation and touchscreen control brings ultra- quick set-ups to high-speed continuous-feed print platforms, allowing complex, variable-data direct mail pieces to be produced in one pass. Combines plow-folding and slit-merging in one compact module.

FS6 Fanfolder



Fast and Accurate Flexible Optimized for color inkjet press FEEDING AND FINISHING




Continuous quality assurance from start to finish.

Dynamic perforating and punching abound.

The New DP8 dynamic perforation module is the first solution that combines perforation in the vertical and cross directions along with punching - all in one unit. “Dynamic” means the ability to change the punching, perforation, or hole pattern from form to form. It is particularly interesting for applications in transpromotional production or in the manufacture of personalized mailings. Coupons, payment slips, and other elements can be integrated into practically any type of document, even those with forms that vary with each copy.

Using state-of-the-art digital camera technology to scan the full width of the web up to 30 inches, the WI6 web inspection system captures high-resolution images of the printed output for various types of quality and integrity analysis. New compact version of WI6, the integrated scanning bar, uses CIS (Contact Image Sensor) technology to scan images for quality and integrity analysis. CIS can be integrated inside high-speed inkjet printing systems.

Roll to Stack with Slit /Merge with NEW Dynamic Perforation/Punch Dynamic perforation and punching combined in a modular concept.

Guaranteed print quality Guaranteed data integrity Streamlined production Reduced waste New integrated CIS Contact Image Sensor

DP8 Dynamic Perf/Punch

UW6 Unwinder

WB6 Web Buffer

WI6 Web Inspection

In 2-up production, this permits individual processing of the two web halves. Combined use of three different functions is possible in a single module (dynamic perforation in the vertical and cross direction, dynamic file hole punching).

WM6 Web Merger

CS6 Length- and Cross Cutter

LS6-28 Stacker

1 - Dynamic vertical perforation 2 - Dynamic cross perforation 3 - Dynamic file hole punching

DP8 Workflow Sample (2-up production)

1 2 2

2 1


1 2 2









1 2 2

1 2 2



1 2 2







Simplex & Duplex 6.5" - 40" web width Up to 850 fpm

Integrated solution for transactional and transpromotional in 2-Up mode, from the unprinted roll to the finished product. This White Paper Solution eliminates pre- converting and pre-printing rolls by using digital color print on ordinary mill rolls. Subsequent integrated, dynamic vertical / cross perforation and file hole punching in the DP8 dynamic perforating / punching module. Individual and unique perforation patterns for transpromotional products such as coupons, payment slips and response mailers controlled by the unique PerfEditor.


DP8 Dynamic Perforation and Punch Module – Five different configurations possible

Error-free Documents and Flawless Production







Graphical Package

Decoding Package

The HT-30C features


1 Vertical Perforation Unit with 2 vertical perforation tools

1 Cross Perforation Unit for 2-up production

1 Vertical Perforation Unit with 4 vertical perforation tools

2 Cross Perforation Units for 2-up production

1 Vertical Perforation Unit with 4 vertical perforation tools

1 Cross Perforation Unit for 2-up produc tion

1 Vertical Perforation Unit with 4 vertical perforation tools

3 Cross Perforation Units for 2-up production

1 Punching Unit with 2 tools for 2-up production (up to 4 tools

1 Vertical Perforation Unit with 4 vertical perforati on tools

2 Cross Perforation Units for 2-up production

1 Punching Unit with 2 tools for 2-up production (up to 4 tools

2nd Vertical Perforation Units available for DP8-I/-II/ -III/IP

Data integrity check (face and reverse)

E-13B MICR support

Full color print registration, color intensity check

Verification of uniformity of print and non-print areas

Logo and preprinted stock check




Rugged construction Precise cutting accuracy Absolute reliability CUTTING



Quick-turn, short-run professional documents.

Trim accuracy determines quality.

Quick set-up Highly versatile Reliable

Whether your company requires folded sheets, stapled sets, professionally finished booklets, memo pads or perfect bound books, Standard has a desktop finishing product that is compact and easy to use. Quick set-up, amazing reliability, and versatility allows you to provide quality and service for ultra-short runs at an affordable cost.

Standard Horizon cutters offer rugged construction, precise cutting accuracy, and absolute reliability. The APC-610 features a rigid chrome-plated table, dual speed induction-hardened backguage screw and forged linear raceway to deliver sustained cutting accuracy and long service life.


The BQ-P60 Tabletop Binder produces perfect bound books, pads, and spine-taped documents in a compact, easy-to-use design and features a built-in air filtration system. BQ-P60

The PF-P280 Tabletop Folder produces widely used and popular single folds at an economical price. PF-P280

The PC-P430 Desktop Paper Cutter is easy to operate and ideal for cutting loose sheets or trimming pre-bound books. PC-P430

The APC-610 Automatic Programmable Paper Cutter features a maximum cutting width of 24" and a maximum lift height of 3.9". It includes advanced set-up automation through a user-friendly 5" icon-based touch-screen that displays all settings.The highly polished, chrome-plated work table virtually eliminates paper marking and provides a smooth, friction-free surface. A high- performance back gauge screw and precision-forged linear raceway accurately positions the lift. APC-610 (24")




The Standard PF-P3100 Tabletop Folder offers precision engineering and high-performance for quick set-ups and superior results. PF-P3100

The Standard Horizon PF-40L combines high-volume suction feed capabilities with intelligent auto-mation. A 1,000 sheet capacity top-fed system provides reliable mark-free feeding. PF-40L



The Standard PF-P3200 Automatic Tabletop Folder offers 6 pre-set fold patterns, accurate folding at the touch of a button, and is the fastest auto set- up folder in its class.

The Standard PF-P330 Automatic Vacuum-feed Tabletop Folder provides remarkably quiet operation and exceptional performance on a

The PC-450 Semi-automatic Paper Cutter is a high-quality paper cutter designed to bring new levels of efficiency to quick printers and in-plant print shops. It offers a cutting capacity up to 17.7" wide, illuminated cut line and a maximum lift of 2.7". PC-450 (17.7")

wide range of stocks, even digital color imaged sheets.


PC-640 (25")

The PC-640 Semi-automatic Paper Cutter features a maximum cutting width of 25.1" and a maximum lift height of 2.7". The PC-640 is simple to operate and requires only three steps to complete a job: Set up the cut size, clamp the stock and depress the two hand knife switches. The cutter features a built-in illuminated cut-line indicator to help you easily find the cut line and a precision built backguage that is operated by a hand crank at the front of the table.



QC-S30 Collating Systems are simple to run yet offer many features found in much larger machines such as programming and 100% accuracy for miss and double detection. QC-S30



Horizon programmable hydraulic cutters provide highly accurate cutting, durability, and simple operation. No special skills are required.

The APC 450 Automatic Programmable Paper Cutter features a 17.7" format cutter that is the perfect fit for performing bleed trim work and basic cutting of digitally imprinted stocks. APC-450 (17.7")

The PS-P610 Stapler in-line with QC-S30 Collator offers unique, space-saving design with integrat- ed cabinet that can corner or side-staple up to 1,500 stapled sets per hour.

The PJ-100 Jogger will jog a 4" lift of paper in a vertical position or a horizontal position to suit your operating requirements. The V-shaped jogger tray jogs a criss- cross stacked pile easily.





Working in partnership and dedicated to excellence.

Standard is recognized as a leading provider of folding, saddlestitching, perfect

binding, collating, bookletmaking, die-cutting, slitting/creasing, and inspection solutions to the conventional print marketplace, and to the special needs of the expanding digital print market with a comprehensive range of in-line, off-line, and near-line feeding and finishing products.

Founded over 60 years ago in the tradition- rich city of Kyoto, Horizon's world-class

factories are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. Horizon’s legendary performance and reliability is recognized internationally across a broad range of finishing categories. The Biwako plant is the largest facility in the world producing vertically integrated products for all major paper finishing operations: folding, perfect binding, trimming, collating, stitching, slitting/ creasing, and cutting.

Hunkeler is well-established as a leading supplier of paper handling products for the high-speed digital print and integrated

forms and label markets. Precision engineering and unsurpassed reliability are the hallmarks of Hunkeler perforators, unwinders, rewinders, and rotary cutting systems for transaction, book printing, commercial print, and mailroom applications.

Proudly represented by our North American Dealer Network. Performance Built. Application Driven!

Standard Finishing Systems, 10 Connector Road, Andover, MA 01810 800-526-4774 978-470-1920

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