845 Boas Road

What To Expect

Listing Timeline (2 week time frame)

Photos & Floorplans ordered (1-2 days)


3D Virtual reality Tour (Immediate)

Our system depends on access to the lockbox on your home. An email requesting feedback is sent to the showing REALTOR approximately an hour after the showing takes place. If the REALTOR does not respond within 48 hours, another email is sent out requesting feedback for a 2nd time. Although we request feedback every time, not all REALTORS choose to participate.

Premier lawn sign ordered (immediate)

Listing submitted to the Victoria Real Estate Board (VREB) 1-2 business days (once photos have been taken and ready to upload)


LIVE to the internet immediately after the listing has been uploaded to the VREB Multiple Listing Service

Although REALTORS are supposed to call us if they must cancel a showing or if they are early/late sometimes they forget to call—this means we cannot contact you. The showing REALTOR may forget to leave a business card, for- get to turn the lights off etc. We’ll make every effort to obtain feedback for you.

Drone and interior video tour uploaded to YOUTUBE and Facebook (1 week - weather permitting)

Interactive social media (immediate)

Cardstock feature sheets created and delivered (1 week)


Arrange REALTOR Tour date RE/MAX and cooperating brokerage agents in attendance (3 week rotation)

Our relationship is a partnership. We are working together towards a common goal. If you notice items on your listing you’d like changed, modified or updated please call or email right away. We are open to your input and welcome it.

Real Estate Magazine (Upcoming issue)

Online E-magazine with embedded video tours (1 week)

The Market

Uploaded to www.oliverkatz.com, www.cristinastaicu.com & www.remax.net same day and live on MLS

Our proven system ensures that your home is advertised in key locations. If there is anybody looking for a home like yours they will be able to find it and it will be represented very well. The length of time that a property is on the market and the price that it ultimately sells for is decided by the buyers in the market place and driven by the law of supply and demand.

OPEN HOUSE In the first 2 weeks after live listing

There are two things that we can do to make a home sell faster:


Make Improvements 2. Change the price

If you are not satisfied with the activity on your property please contact Oliver or Cristina at our office and we can discuss which of the above items we would like to change.

Office: 250.642.6480 Oliver: 250.744.6616 email: oliver@oliverkatz.com Cristina: 250.216.8896 email: cristinastaicu@shaw.ca

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