U Magazine, Spring 1986

Inside Thank you to all of the volunteers ''U'' President Dr. Author E. Hughes Vice President for

Dr. Author E. Hughes

Thank you, volunteers With the commemoration of National Volunteer Apprec iation Week April 21-25. now is a n a ppropriate time to ex te nd a ve ry s incere thank you to a ll of the volunteers who unse lfis hly have g ive n the ir lime a nd tale nt to the University of San Diego during the past year. Quite frankl y. th e Unive rsity wou ld not be whe re it is today without the outpouring of a ltruistic actions a nd generous financial suppo r t we have rece ived from so many of yo u through the years. Toge the r. we have bui lt a first rate inclepenclenl unive rsity for the San Diego community. Highe r educa tion has a long history of deve loping a sense of pub lic purpose a nd preparing stud ents for responsible c itizenship. T ha nks lo you r exampl e. we have that kind of adm irab le history at USO. From our USO Auxi liary to our Friends of the Library. from our a thl e tic boosters to a ll of our volun teers on various university boards and committees. you have demonstrated how muc h can be accom plish ed through sacrifice of personal interests for a common goa l. In the process of se r ving . you have es tab lished a tradition of ca ring and sharing at USO tha t wi ll encourage oth ers to fo ll ow your lead in the years a head. Again . m y h ea rtfelt th a nk you . I look forward to working w ith you lo fu lfill uso·s miss ion .

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Since re ly. ~h~~ Pres ide n l

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