Ricky Recorder Issue No 41

The Ricky Recorder Issue 42: February 2017

the difference between a polytheistic and monotheistic religion. If you are uncertain ask your child and which Hinduism belongs to. Many thanks to Ms Spencer-Neal for arranging the visit, and to Mr Jones for organising Enrichment Day. This half term marks an important milestone for students taking public examinations this summer. It is crucial that revision starts now, not after the holidays, so here are some useful tips.

Welcome to our spring term edition of the Ricky Recorder. It has been an extremely busy term with a large number of events taking place. Two things I would like to highlight were events I accompanied during the term. The first was with our students competing in the Premier League Enterprise Challenge competition; 30 school teams representing Premier League and Football League clubs went head-to-head in a football-related business task, set by Premier League Executive Chairman Richard Scudamore. Teams were challenged to come up with business ideas to engage international fans. I accompanied them to Warner Bros who kindly agreed to give the students help and advice ahead of the national competition in Stoke. It was a great day in which the students presented their ‘pitch’ in front of the Chief Executive of Warner Bros and they received very good advice and tips. Warner Bros were also kind enough to take the students on a tour of the production scenes and sites for forthcoming films - I am afraid we were sworn to secrecy and absolutely no photos were allowed. However, I can say we saw the sets of New York streets and a castle which forms a central setting for a forthcoming film. Read how the students got on at Stoke in Mrs Pickford’s article and of course a great deal of thanks for Mrs Pickford organising these events. On our Enrichment Day I went with Year 7 to the Hindu temple in Neasden. This was a great trip in which students were given a full tour of the temple, went round an exhibition and listened to prayers while sitting in the ornately decorated marble hall at the centre of the place of worship. Students told me how much they enjoyed and learnt from the visit. I was pleased to hear that the students knew

Draw up a revision timetable Make sure you know your exam board and start looking online at exam questions Study and review model answers

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Work in fixed time periods – give yourself breaks after periods of study  Take notes, answer past questions, use revision websites – but do something active

Parents and carers:

 Take an interest and ask your son/daughter questions about their revision topics, eg ‘How did this happen?’ ‘Why does it react in that way?’ etc.  Support, but do not nag. I know it is hard at times, but please encourage and praise. Although the half term break is nearly upon us, we have two visits taking place. Our annual ski trip is leaving for Andalo in Italy, and our Geography visit to Iceland. We wish all the students participating in these visits – around 150 in total – a pleasant trip and learning experience. Our thanks to Mr White and Ms Westland for organising the visits and the staff accompanying them.

Mr Douglas, Headteacher

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