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• latest notable cases online monthly • a website including eBook (+ free app) • 3–400 pp of expert precedents (linked at our eBook & “forms and precedents”) • a legal helpline by 24-hour email • our Moët award for all useful suggestions • Members’ Practice News (family law, court, child support news) • Members’ Archive (past case notes, useful papers) • a friendly, helpful team May you find this family law workbook an invaluable companion in your practice of law. DOWNLOADING OUR ONLINE FORMS AND PRECEDENTS Our members’ website – www.thefamilylawbook.com.au – offers subscribers The Family Law Book’s Online Forms and Precedents for links to routine court and other forms, brochures, precedents for orders sought, sample affidavits and other documents such as child support and financial agreements. Also downloadable from our eBook (at name of document). This site will operate as an automated drafting service at the level of counsel, offering an instant draft of the orders your client should be seeking, and an instant draft of what their affidavits should say in support of their case. This will enable you to sit down with your clients and go through those drafts at your leisure and, if necessary, without delay, adapting the issues and evidence to their case. The amount of time you will save by using this service is likely to be enormous, and should flow strongly through to your bottom line. Instructions for use of our members’ website As well as being available online at our website, court and other forms and prescribed brochures are identified for each chapter and our precedent court documents, letters and agreements are set Treat our precedent “interim orders” and “final orders” as separate attachments to the court’s Application or Response, and our precedent affidavit text as a separate attachment to the court’s affidavit form. Other precedents such as agreements and letters may be downloaded as their own independent documents, as can court brochures. Once you have selected the documents you need, ask your assistant (see “an assistant or paralegal” below) to: • Go online via our member log-in. Select the relevant chapter, then click on the form, brochure or precedent you want. Or search by keyword, selecting relevant chapter. • When accessing a form, it will take you directly to a court or other link. Select which format best suits you, then save and print. Brochures can be simply printed. out in full in hard copy below for easy selection of forms and precedents. All links to other sites throughout this service are also available at our website.

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