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Confronting and Learning from a Disaster » How the NYU Ehrman Medical Library responded to and recovered from Superstorm Sandy.* BY ANGELA M. ANDRES, LOU DI GENNARO, AND LAURA MCCANN S uperstorm Sandy made landfall on October 29, 2012, just south of New York City. The New York University NYU Health Sciences Libraries, providing academic and research support for students and staff of the Langone Medical Center and the NYU School of Medicine. The collec- tion includes monographs and serials (print and electronic), reports, audiovisual materi- als, digital resources, graphic materials, rare books and pamphlets, and an historically important archival collection. The basement level of the library was

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(NYU) Langone Medical Center, situated on Manhattan’s east side, was hit heavily by the storm surge, which flooded the center’s lower levels and caused power outages throughout the facility. Throughout the evening of October 29 and into the morning of October 30, Langone patients were evacuated. Once all patients were moved, work began imme- diately to assess damage to the center’s electrical and mechanical infrastructure, its clinical and research facilities, and the Frederick L. Ehrman Medical Library. Located on three floors in the medi- cal center, the library is a vital part of the

completely submerged by a two- to three- foot surge. The ground floor level took on a minimum of one foot of floodwater. While not affected directly by the storm, the mez- zanine level did not have power or envi- ronmental controls. The resulting electrical outages compromised the library’s servers, disrupting access to digital resources and e-mail. CONTINUED ON PAGE 3 »

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