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NEW Clinically-Oriented Theory for Occupational Therapy, 1st Edition Christopher J. Alterio

When it comes to providing students and teachers in medical and the health professions with the educational materials they need, our philosophy is simple: learning never ends. Everything we offer helps students bridge the gap between the classroom and clinical practice, while supporting healthcare professionals in their jobs. Occupational Therapy Conditions in Occupational Therapy: Effect on Occupational Performance, 5th Edition Ben J. Atchison and Diane P. Dirette

This exciting first edition uses a practice focus, with heavy emphasis on application, to help students understand the most common Occupational Therapy theories and select the best for each individual situation. Dr. Alterio takes a unique, holistic approach by providing both the clinical context for how the theories play out in the real world, as well as a methodology for evaluating and applying the most relevant theory to ensure the best possible intervention outcomes.

Now in its 5th Edition, Conditions in Occupational Therapy: Effect on Occupational Performance is now fully aligned with the DSM-5 and brings in 5 new chapters covering conditions your students will see in practice. Each chapter of the 5th Edition follows a consistent format—an opening case, followed by definition and descriptions, incidence and prevalence, signs and symptoms, course and prognosis, medical/surgical management, impact on occupational performance, and finally, two case illustrations. This format helps students to prepare for what they will see in practice.

978-1-4963-8953-4 / 304 pp / Sep 2018

Clinical and Professional Reasoning in Occupational Therapy, 2nd Edition Barbara Schell

978-1-4963-3221-9 / 584 pp / Sep 2016

The second edition of Clinical and Professional Reasoning in Occupational Therapy will continue to provide theories and insights to ensure effective decision-making in OT practice. This text is the only scholarly work that skews the model of simply directing how clinicians should think but delves into why they think in such a way.Rational for this deep dive is to set the foundation for more effective decision-making in practice.

Occupational Therapy for Physical Dysfunction, 7th Edition Mary Vining Radomski and Catherine A. Trombly Latham

Covering the assessment and treatment of adult patients with physical dysfunction, this highly regarded text helps occupational therapy students develop the skills and knowledge they need to become reflective practitioners. The authors introduce the Occupation Functional Model (OFM) in the first section, setting the stage for subsequent discussions that guide students from initial evaluation to treatment to follow-up.

978-1-4963-3589-0 / 462 pp / Nov 2017

978-1-4511-8921-6 / 1456 pp / Dec 2013



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