Welcome to the Artisan Food Club The Artisan Food Club (AFC) is a great way for you to find new and exciting start-up food companies, often giving you a real point of difference in your local area. The mantra for the club is to help artisan producers get un-local and to help you, the retailer, sell more. Many of these producers will be under your radar and we pride ourselves on working with amazing people making fantastic food. Many would be hard to find outside of AFC and we believe by supporting start-ups today we will ensure a brighter future for Artisan's in the years to come. To ensure you receive full orders with the best possible dates on product as it arrives in- store AFC operates a drop shipping model. In practice we process the orders, producing both a Purchase Order for the supplier and a Sales Order for the retailer, which are sent to the producer who then ships directly to your premises. As it’s direct from the manufacturer and not from stock that’s been sat in a third party warehouse with shelf life depleting you get the best dates possible and full orders (we very rarely have any orders not delivered complete). With the AFC Central Invoice system you can order from multiple club members in any given month and receive only one fully itemised invoice at the end of each month Introduction orders We ask only that you order a quantity you are happy with on your first trial order. Once you are happy with sale s you can order more, with the only proviso that you then meet the minimum delivery requirement of the producer (or greater) on subsequent orders. We encourage communication between you and the producer to build relationships that last and this is the corner stone of our company ethos. Our aim is also to make your lives easier by encouraging you to place a single or multiple orders directly with AFC either by phone, or email. AFC will then process the necessary paperwork saving you time. The link between producer and retailer is lost in most distribution channels in the UK. We believe this is a missed USP (unique selling point) as the more you and your staff know about the product , the more connected you’ll feel and the more likely this is passed on to the consumer . Central invoice We know working with multiple suppliers can be a headache with the extra invoices th is inevitably entails . With AFC you can order from any of our producer s in a given month and only receive one invoice at the end of a that month with 21 days’ credit Appendix 3 .Each order is confirmed before d i spatch by an emailed copy of the delivery note and the order will arrive with the same pre-printed delivery note attached Appendix 1 . This delivery note reference matches your central invoice Appendix 3 at the end of the month making tracking all deliveries simple before payment. We have a great system allowing you to work with the 160 (and growing) artisan suppliers on our books as easily as possible. We can’t take away the extra individual product deliveries but as Eat 17 in London recently said “if you want your shop to have unique products, it will take a bit more work over one stop traditional generic wholesaler deliveries, who the shop up the road may be using as well”

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