IAIABC Opioid Policy Inventory (August 2018)

Acknowledgements The Opioid Policy Inventory was an initiative of the IAIABC’s Medical Issues Committee. The committee has been actively engaged in discussions about the impact of inappropriate opioid use in workers’ compensation for many years. Following the publication of Reducing Inappropriate OpioidUse in the Treatment of InjuredWorkers (2013) and ADiscussion on the Use of a Formulary inWorkers’ Compensation (2016) the committee discussed broadening the scope of future work. The Opioid Policy Inventory was developed to highlight policy strategies implemented by states, both generally and within the workers’ compensation system, to address the opioid epidemic. The goal of the effort was to not just catalog efforts but be a conversation starter about possible future initiatives. A task force was formed which guided the development and data collection of the strategies noted in the report. Collecting state responses was a significant effort and the IAIABC thanks the volunteers for the insight, time, and research they invested. A special note of gratitude to Mark Pew, Preferred Medical, for the hours he spent leading this effort and his tireless devotion to helping the industry respond to opioids in workers’ compensation. Additionally, thank you to LisaWichterman, Minnesota Department of Labor & Industries and Patti Vaughn, Idaho Industrial Commission for chairing the Medical Issues Committee andmoving this effort forward.

Task ForceMembers Mark Pew, PreferredMedical Task Force Lead LisaWichterman, Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry Medical Issues Committee Chair Patti Vaughn, Idaho Industrial Commission Medical Issues CommitteeVice-Chair Todd Brown, Medata Suzy Douglas, Tennessee Division ofWorkers’ Compensation Kenneth Eichler, ODG by MCG Harvey Hanel, North DakotaWorkforce Safety & Insurance Jeremy Jackson, Deloitte Francine Johnson, Optum Karen Jost,Washington Department of Labor & Industries Sandy Shtab, Healthesystems Susan Schulte, NCCI LindaVan Dillen, CompAlliance BrianWilson, Ohio Bureau ofWorkers’ Compensation


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