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n Dave Freedland , 206th Ses- sion, Deputy Chief of Police for

the Irvine Police De- partment (Retired), recently received a publishing contract for his first novel based upon three

Dave Freedland

(3) Irvine homicide cases. Lincoln 9 is now available on Amazon. RETIREMENTS n Eric Tejada, 250th Session, UC Berkeley PD, now with the SF DA’s Office. n JohnWorley, 251st Session, Alameda Sheriff’s Office. n James Cooper, 211th Session, Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department. passed away with family mem- bers present April 14, 2015 after a long battle with cancer. CONNECTICUT n On August 5, 2015, the Connecticut Chapter held their Annual Summer Luncheon at the United States Coast Guard Academy’s Officers’ Club in New London, Ct. Over 140 state, local, and federal law enforcement representatives attended and the keynote speaker was Chief of De- partment James P. O’Neill of the New York City Police Department (pictured on page 8) . n Lt. John Cueto, 246th Ses- sion, recently retired from the Bridgeport Police Deparment to become Chief of Police in the town of Duck, North Carolina. MEMORIUM n Ed Tracey, 228th Session, n Congratulations to our recent graduates of the 260th Session : Deputy Chief Neville Brooks , Hartford Police Department

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