Wellness 2017 Requirements Memo

Wellness Requirements 2017

In order to qualify for the preferred premium rate in 2018, Merritt will ask that employees do 3 things:

1. Complete a physical examwith a Primary Care Physician in 2017. 2. Complete one preventative dental exam in 2017. 3. Participate in a biometric screening in Fall 2017.

Merritt’s healthcare coverage allows all participants one annual physical every 12 months. While it’s important to know your numbers it is also important to establish and maintaina relationship with your primary care physician.

Research is constantly emerging regarding the impact of dental hygiene on overall health. Merritt asks all employees to visit their dentist at least once per year.

Soon we will send out forms for you to take with you to your exams to be signed by your physician/dentist as verification of your exam.

Merritt will offer an on-site biometric screening event in the Fall to allow all employees the chance to participate in the screening process. If your annual physical occurs between September 1, 2017 and November 30, 2017, employees may alternatively have their screening performedby their primary care physician as part of their annual physical and use the Physician’s Affidavit (coming soon) to submit their biometric values.

All new employees hired after June 1, 2017 are waived from the preventative examinations andneed only participate in the screening to receive the preferred rate in 2018.

If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or input please let us know! Feel free to speak with Pam White, Tracy Funk, HollyMoye, Amy Jordan, Kyle Muranaka, Lauren Lindsay, Laura Hoke, Jamie Campbell, BrittanyCallahan or Mike Passarello.

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