Courtesy of Stan Burns

Volume 8 Number 6


If you are moving soon, you will need to start packing. Before you start, make sure you have the materials you need at hand to make the whole process easier. Heavy duty garbage bags can hold clothes, linens and stuffed toys. These packed bags can also act as padding between dressers, bookcases, etc. in the moving truck. Boxes of all sizes can hold everything else - just be sure the boxes are clean and sturdy. Boxes that contained fresh produce are not recommended as they may house insects and could be worn due to moisture from the produce. Use heavy duty packing tape with a tape dispenser to secure all boxes. Get a few permanent markers to label boxes and bags. Don’t forget bubble wrap, newspaper and packing peanuts to wrap fragile items. A dolly or cart can come in handy to help you transport multiple boxes at once.

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