Understanding iMorpheus

Examples: 

DE error on Gender requires ATLAS correction and Misys correction.  PSC error on DOB requires ATLAS correction and Misys correction.  Client error; please called client who states name is XXX, or DOB should be XXX. a. MINOR CORRECTIONS: example one letter off or name flipped, etc. Make the correction in Misys, except for LabIS involved reports, but don’t resend report! Example: During a quality check for iMorpheus project, DOB, gender, etc. will require correction; DE error, or PSC error, etc. Contact client regarding Major changes and document all information on the Spreadsheet and CP notes Forward spreadsheet to Monica for review to determine what will require CRDF paperwork. An email will be sent out with the final determination. The CRDF paperwork should be filled out and scanned to Monica only after the client has been notified of the changes that will impact reference ranges. This will then go to Exception Handling for corrections. Lab and Fin will have to be corrected. Atlas may also need to be updated if you happen to notice that a PSC submitted incorrectly.

1. Documentation in CP notes:

NOTE: If the error is obvious and does require a change which affects the reference ranges, the client must be contacted about the revision.

2. CRDF and or BCL will need to be filled out for corrections impacting reference ranges and cp notes have to be placed under the accession. Billing Correction logs may also be needed to correct the fin side. This information will be provided on the email back to you on what needs to happen.

3. Script for calls: During a quality check, we found discrepancies with……, may I clarify the data?

4. Ensure to get full name of patient, DOB, gender, and address when clarifying issues. Document the spreadsheet and send to Tim Womack for final EMPI merge; twomack@sonichealthcareusa.com .

Remember, the goal is twofold:

1. To clean up Misys, ATLAS, and LabIS 2. To see if it is the same patient so Mirth/iMorpheus can merge the EMPI

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