Handgun Safety and Operation layout panel 2

Handgun Safety and Operation

Main Manual - PDF

E Book Manual - check it out

Ammunition and the fundamentals of shooting The Basics of Pistol Shooting Firing the First Shots Selecting and Maintaining your Pistol NRA LEO Handgun Handling

NRA LEO fundamentals of marksmanship Shooting Positions

6 Handgun Safety and operation videos - click here Video Key- HGTS - produced in house video NRA - NRA production HGTS- Trigger Actions - 10.0 min HGTS - Sight Alignment and Trigger control - 7.0 min NRA - Revolver - 4.5 min NRA- Sight Picture - 4.0 min NRA - Semi Auto Handgun Operation 5.0 min HGTS - Handgun Loading and unloading procedures 5.5 min

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