Luxembourg Mail Redirection Guide


By activating the redirection service in Luxembourg, your mail and newspapers can be forwarded to your new location, either temporarily or long-term. + Location : The service can be requested at any post office in Luxembourg. Please refer to the following link for location details and additional information: The service can also be requested online, but it is recommended that you visit the post office in-person to ensure efficient processing + Timing : The activation must be requested at least 3 working days before you would like the mail redirection to begin + Documentation Requirements : Valid passport/ID and proof of residence (lease) in Luxembourg + Information Requirements : Current address in Luxembourg and destination address + Duration : The standard service timeframe is one year but it can be extended year-to-year upon request + Fee : 1,40 euro per working day within Luxembourg; 1,90 euros per working day outside Luxembourg Upon activation, you will receive a confirmation of mail redirection for the requested time frame.

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