Leading Complex Projects and Programmes Brochure

The World has gone VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous). The Leading Complex Projects and Programmes course is designed to help give you the expertise in developing your leadership style, governance, techniques and processes in this challenging environment in order to achieve long-term performance improvements. Approach 7KH SURJUDPPH FRPELQHV WKH ODWHVW FXWWLQJ HGJH UHVHDUFK IURP &UDQͤHOG ZLWK WKRXJKW SURYRNLQJ FDVH VWXGLHV \RX ZLOO H[SORUH WKH GLIIHUHQW DWWULEXWHV DQG DSSURDFKHV RI SURMHFW DQG SURJUDPPH PDQDJHUV ZKR DUH H[SRVHG WR GLIIHUHQW FRPSOH[LWLHV 7KLV SURJUDPPH JRHV EH\RQG FODVVLF PHWKRGRORJLHV RI SURJUDPPH DQG SURMHFW PDQDJHPHQW It is designed to challenge ‘traditional’ thinking so that you can operate more effectively in FRPSOH[ XQFHUWDLQ HQYLURQPHQWV

What you will gain from this programme:

What your organisation will gain:

Who is the programme for?

This programme is for DQ\ VHQLRU H[HFXWLYH H[SHULHQFHG LQ PDQDJLQJ SURMHFWV D portfolio of projects or even a team of project/ SURJUDPPH PDQDJHUV Previous delegates have included Change 0DQDJHUV )LQDQFH 'LUHFWRUV +5 'LUHFWRUV IT Directors and 0DQDJHUV 0DUNHWLQJ 'LUHFWRUV 0DQDJHUV Project and Programme 0DQDJHUV 6SRQVRUV DQG 'LUHFWRUV

Gain a set of skills that ZLOO LPSURYH WKH SURMHFW planning process by: • Improved effectiveness ZKHQ PDQDJLQJ FRPSOH[LW\ DQG FKDQJH • ,GHQWLI\ WKH QHZ generation of projects and programme types • Development of your RZQ SHUVRQDO SURMHFW PDQDJHPHQW VW\OH • ([SORLW WKH ODWHVW cutting edge research to innovate DQG KRZ \RX FDQ PDQDJH HDFK RQH

Those organisations that invest in developing project management skills and put in place appropriate processes and systems are much more likely to deliver on business investment and achieve the results WKH\ QHHG 7KLV SURJUDPPH ZLOO FKDQJH WKH ZD\ WKDW you approach project and programme management – it builds RQ H[LVWLQJ VNLOOV DQG VKRZV KRZ WKHVH FDQ EH HQKDQFHG DQG XSJUDGHG

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