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National Prices Commission Inquiry into Solicitors' Remuneration At its meeting on 26th February, 1976, the Council of the Society considered the letter from the Prices Com- mission Consultant, Professor D. Lees, University of Nottingham, in which he sought the co-operation of the Profession in the compilation of certain further statistical information on solicitors' receipts and expenditure. (The recent newsletter carried a copy of this letter.) The Council urged those firms which are consulted by Professor Lees to supply him with as much of the desired information as is available. So that the Society will be completely au fait with analysis of all the material furnished to Professor Lees, the Council asks that a copy of whatever information is furnished should be forwarded at the same time to the Society's auditors, Messrs. Coopers & Lybrand, Fitzwilton House, Wilton Place, Dublin 2. In due course that firm will process the information and furnish the Society with whatever conclusions emerge.

Land Registry

PRESIDENT Patrick C. Moore Vice Presidents Bruce St. J. Blake Gerald Hickey Director General

the Registrar — of the Land Registry's requirements insofar as the lodgement of Ordnance Survey maps is concerned [(c) above]; (f) Delays (e.g. in processing deal- ings) would be kept as consistent as possible throughout the country i.e. there would not be inordinate delays in any one area; (g) Any criticisms (e.g. where in- ordinate delays occurred in any one area) would be transmitted to the Registrar periodically; (h) Where warranted, an effort would be made to improve the presentation of applications by solicitors; (i) All the staff and documents dealing with Co. Dublin registra- tions would be housed in one building if possible; (j) It would be inappropriate for the Land Registry to be involved in the setting up of a panel of architects and engineers who would prepare and certify maps in subdivision cases; (k) Consideration of having dupli- cates of maps made available at local offices would be deferred until the reconstruction of maps in the central office is completed; (1) The possibility of accepting documents by post in the Registry of Deeds would be considered by the Registrar; and (m) A further meeting would be held towards the end of October 1976, if possible.

THE third in a series of meetings being held periodically between the Department of Justice and the Society to discuss Land Registry matters was held on 5th February, 1976. The following is a summary of the matters agreed or requiring attention:- (a) Arranging of priority for First Registration of house purchase cases; (b) Clarification of the Land Registry position about solicitors' and counsel's certificates under the Land Registration Rules; Mr. Griffith promised to let Mr. Ivers have a note about this for publication in the GAZETTE. (This appears on page 22) (c) Deferment until 1st September 1976 of the Land Registry's insistence on the lodgment of Ordnance Survey maps with applications for transfers of part; (d) In the meantime, a meeting would be sought with the Ordnance Survey Office (at which the Law Society and the Department of Justice would be represented) to follow up the question of the service which will be needed from the Ordnance Survey Office by 1st September 1976 in connection with (c)—the meeting to be arranged by the Department of Justice; (e) The County and City Managers Association to be informed—by

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