DCI2WT DTMF Controller Interface


Ramsey Electronics Model No. DCI2WT Have you ever wished you could call home and turn on the lights late at night before you pull in the driveway? Finally, an easy way to remotely control just about anything with the touch of a button! The DCI2C offers control of up to16 devices using your touch tone phone or any audio signal with DTMF tone signals. User programmable configuration provides latched or non- latched outputs, secure or non-secure access, as well as continuous control of up to 16 devices independent of configuration. A binary format output provides easy control of up to 16 devices. Ramsey Customer Use Only Not For Key Features  6 user configurable modes  Continuous 1 of 16 lines decoding of all 16 DTMF tone pairs  Security feature for binary output decoding of all DTMF tone pairs  Binary output configurable to latch on tone reception or active only with tone in either secure or non-secure mode  Crystal controlled DTMF decoder.  Input may be from any DTMF tone source (phone line or other clean audio source)  Audio filtering to reject normal telco signals other than DTMF tones  Special mode to provide remote control of Ramsey Electronics DVMS voice messaging system Publication

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