The Builder Newsletter Spring 2019

Spring 201 9

Our First Multi-Family Home Construction of our first multi-family unit on Johnston Street in Christiansburg was completed this Fall. This duplex is home to two deserving families in the NRV. Each energy-efficient unit is 1500sqft., with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. This was our first attempt at building a multi-level unit. This experience allowed us to find efficiencies in cost and labor as we embark on our next project - The Homes on Church St. (See below) The Builder


1-in-3 households in the NRV spend more than 30% of their household income on housing costs and are therefore, considered “cost burdened“ This includes our teachers, librarians, and mail carriers, our bus drivers and retail managers, and many small business owners.

Church Street Townhomes

Now introducing our biggest and most ambitious project to –date: The Homes on Church Street. This seven-unit townhome complex being built in Blacksburg will house income- qualified families. There will be two aging-in-place units with a bedroom on the first floor and easy access to public transportation. We began searching for land for this project four years ago, and financing was finally completed in 2018. We are currently searching for families and individuals to become Habitat homeowners for this project. Often, people do not believe they are a qualified Habitat Homebuyer until they learn more about us. We have found the best way to access qualified homebuyers is through word of mouth. So, help us spread the word. If you know someone interested in home ownership, tell them to call Habitat.

Every family deserves an affordable place to call home.

To join us in making affordable housing a reality in the NRV visit

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