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EADV would like to wish all its members, partners and collaborators a very happy and fulfilling 2018!

Symposium and financial support, which allowed me to attend for the first time in my life an international dermatological meeting of that magnitude. EADV scholarships are given twice a year to junior dermatologists, mostly residents, after the appraisal of their applications by the EADV Honours and Awards Committee. They represent a unique opportunity for the recipients to enhance their scientific and professional career. EADV scholarships also come with a free 1-year junior EADV membership. I started receiving JEADV , the official journal of EADV, which is, in my opinion, an industry-independent journal publishing many important articles, covering all issues of dermatology. Membership gave me access to an integrated online image database, which strongly enhanced my reading as a resident. It also offered me the opportunity to apply for one of the EADV Fostering Courses for residents, which are well organised and highly educative, and I was able to attend the EADV/ESDR Summer Research Course:


What can EADV do for you?

I felt excited being invited to write an article on how EADV has facilitated my personal and professional evolution, because I would have another opportunity to share with fellow EADV members, especially the junior ones, my personal experience on how EADV has really helped me make my professional dreams come true. Education My first contact with EADV was when I received the John Stratigos Memorial Scholarship, one of the many EADV scholarships, in 2011. This scholarship came with a free registration to the Spring

Dr Thrasyvoulos Tzellos

1 The author (bottom row, first on the left) with fellow scholarship winners at the 2012 EADV Spring Symposium in Verona, Italy. Among those pictured

are the then Honours & Awards Committee Chair, Prof Christos

Zouboulis (bottom row, fourth from left) and next to him former EADV Treasurer Prof Jørgen Rønnevig

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