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building soil organic matter

Joshua Hoehne / Unsplash

Building soil organic matter was a hot topic at the recent Australian Organics Recycling Association (AORA) conference. With over 200 people attending (including 30 virtual attendees), the conference featured a diverse range of presenters, with topics spanning the theoretical to practical research projects and outcomes. All pointed to the significant benefits of

for transformational change, was the main message from Regen Soils’ Declan McDonald . Prepared in collaboration with Bill Gran , from Blue Environment , Declan’s presentation looked at the ‘why’ of composting, the ‘what’ and ‘which’ compost to apply, the method of application (surface or sub soil), and expected outcomes. Declan says that informing farmers about the attributes of different composts and how to get good results, is key. He believes there is currently a poor understanding of the relationship between organic matter and soil structure, and its link to productivity. He reinforced that incorporating compost

applying compost and soil amendments and encouraging microbial activity within various farm systems to build soil organic matter. Broadacre cropping was the focus for several presenters. Compost for broadacre cropping has had a slower rate of adoption than other crops, but the potential benefits are immense. When it comes to incorporating composts into broadacre systems, however, the need to overcome farmer perceptions and advocate

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