Alcalá View 1981 2.4

S.E.A. Notes Staff Employee Assocation .----------~

F. Y. I eAII Spanish speaking members of th e USO staff are cordially invited to participate in a workshop given by th e Dioce se of San Diego His pani c Evangelization Team in Camino Lounge on Saturday, February 14, from 9 to 4. Its purpose is to teach us how to become " Visitad o res por Cri sto" .There is no registration fee. Fo r mo re detail s contact Si ster Sarre o r call Mr. Roberto Ma rtin ez at 297-7 11 7. • Febru ary 1st at 8:3 0 a. m. Chann el 4, USO w ill be featured on th e television program " On Campus" . Host George Fenneman tours th e campus with USO President Hughes and later visits San Diego's historic Gaslamp Quarter for a firsthand view of some exampl es of th e university's community involvement. Continued from front page. .. not escaped the notice of Washington. Rumor has it that a major challenge facing the new Administration will be a Con– gressional drive to establish a Federal Bureau of Resolutions. The proposed FBR would be chartered "to monitor and regulate the broad socio-economic impact of annual and other periodic, recurring and non-recurring, resolutions. " Says Senator Watts Laissez-Faire (D. La), the major proponent of the bill, "What we see is every citizen filing a Resol– ution Impact Report with the FBR before implementing his New Year's Resolution. Whatever your feelings on the proposed legislation , we urge you to express them to your Congress– man-let's bring this timely, important issu e to a sensible resolution!

SEA MINUTES 11-25-80: Th e Entertainment Committee opted fo r a staff tree-trimming party Friday, 12 - 19... Each staff member to bring one o rn ament plus one donati on of food and/o r new or use d clothin g to benefi t Sr. Sarre's o rph anage proj ect. Subcommi tteesw ere fo rm ed to ca rry out thi s plan. Dave Nava rro and his committee met w ith L. Wa tson to d iscuss the sick leave ince ntive plan. Thi s p roj ec t w il l be fo ll owed up at the January mee ting. By-Law changes w ere discusse d and will be finali ze d and publi shed ater th e first of th e new year. SEA MINUTES12-17-80: Topi c was finalization of plans fo r th e Christmas party. DeSales Dinin g Room was to be the site. $85 was collected for refreshments. Approximately 75 peopl e stated they would attend. (Note: The Christmas party was a success and Sr. Sarre was ve ry appreciative of th e donatio ns.)

The Jaundiced Eye ~®~®®®®®®®®®@@@®@ Films Reviewed by Sandra Edelman

THE MIRROR CRACK'D. Fo r anyon e who has been a fan of Agatha Christie mystery novels, Miss M arple, or th e inimitabl e Margaret Ruth erford , goi ng to thi s film is like o rd ering a scotch and soda and receiving a glass of lukewarm Gatorad e instead. Probably Christi e's sto ri es should only be tackled by th e Briti sh, th ose great ecce ntrics (amon g whom was a Lord Somebodyoroth er who rod e an alligator, both stark naked, through th e streets of London) , be caus e thi s plainly Am eri can effort is a dismal failure. Angela Lansbury was handed a soggy script whi ch neither

matches her tal ents nor afford s her th e kind of wond erful crustiness Margaret Ruth erfo rd co nveyed; Elizabeth Taylor and Kim Nova k as two aging movi e queens makin g comebacks turn in per– formances whi ch explain the titl e of th e film ; and th e plotline has all th e integrity of a sli ce of swis s chees e. It isn't even bad enough to be fun ; if you're expecting High Camp, resign yourse lf to a small tent pitched on the banks o f th e Low er Hudson. Save your money. Or buy the book.

'I,? 1·· flUEcFcFWOR~ ?'.,?1'

by Fran Swank

DOWN 1. First Mon th 2. So be it ! 4. What cou ples do at Mid – night on New Year's Eve 5. Expensive Fur 6. A social afternoon gathering 12. FroLcn water 26. Opposite of you 28. Capital of Norwa y 31. O.K., Sure 37. Exclamation of surprise 39. Not off

ACROSS 1. Short Coat 7. First person singular 9. Makes Angry 13. Reporter, male 20. United Nations !A bbrev.) 22. Yes (Spa nish) 27. At this ti me 30. Whiskey 33. Plural suffix 35. You (Archaic) 38. Behold' 43. One of the four per iod~ of the year.

Th e Alca la View is publi shed nine time per yea r by the Personnel D epartment of US O. Editor: Lorraine Watson. Ass istant Edito r: Sandra Edelman. Editorial Board: Sara Finn, Sue Howell, Fran Swank, Joan Murry. Production: Linda Ash, Tri cia Pri sby. Overall content of the newsletter is determin ed by the Editorial Board, w hich holds open meetin gs each mo nth. Articles w ritten express the opinions of th e author. W e we lcome contributions. Th e Editor rese rves th e right to edit copy fo r space and conten t.

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