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White Room Studio

219 River Valley Road,

Level 2

6235 7037

Crystal Wagar is a repeat client of

ours – and one of our favourites!

She engaged us the first time for

a three-generation photography

session that included her mother

and her daughter Rhys. She

loved our work, so she decided

to come back to the studio for a

second time – this time bringing

along her husband, Kirk, who is

the United States Ambassador to

Singapore, his son Declan, and,

of course, sweet little Rhys.

It was a lovely day in Singapore:

around noontime, with a bright

sun, blue sky and great natural

lighting. So I opened up the

balcony and got everyone out

on it! Everyone was in fantastic

mood, and the shoot was as

beautiful as the day. All I had to

do in the post-production process

was warm up the tone of the

image to better reflect the mood.

One of the challenges of this

kind of photography is to get

toddlers to smile for the camera,

especially when you’re trying to



smiling at the same

time. But when I do get the

timing right and I nail the shot,

the reward itself is plain to see:

a beautiful family picture, with a

happy smile on each of the faces.

– Elaine Lim, photographer