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Micro Trike:

A compact alternative to a

buggy for taking your young toddlers out

and about, this lightweight trike easily

folds down, and can be hung on the side

of a shopping trolley or packed away into

a rucksack.

Penny Sweet Tooth:

This 27-inch nickel

four-wheeled skateboard looks fun and

bright and is built with high-quality


Maxi Micro Deluxe Pink:

A fab idea for

Christmas, this one is designed for

children from the age of six to 12 years,

and combines all the motor-skill benefits

of the Mini Micro while incorporating

the needs of an older child, with a weight

loading of up to 70kg. Its cool, sporty

design also won it a place in Singapore’s

Red Dot Design Museum.

I f t he re ’ s one way to

encourage playtime away

from the endless amount

of screens that seem to be

lying around the place, it’s

some cool outdoor gear.

JUSTINNA and EMMA, British

expats and the founders of

White and Black Trading


have brought in an array of

fun activities for the kids.

The company also represents

well-loved products such

as Micro Scooters, Penny

Skateboards, Swingball and

Quick Play Football nets.

Here are just a few items we

reckon the kids are bound

to love!

Find out more and order online at



and Black

Trading now

offers free


on all

scooters and


Get ‘Em