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Polite behaviour in today’s age is, by and large, a

social expectation. We teach our children how to

behave when they meet people, or at the dinner

table, and when to say “please,” “thank you,” or

“excuse me,” so we can set a positive foundation

for them to excel through into their teen and adult

years. Sometimes, though, this doesn’t quite go to

plan, and if they’re exposed to certain environments

(which may or may not be under a parent’s control)

our kids can, unfortunately, pick up some bad habits.

Juliana Mamoni, founder of


Lifestyle & Etiquette Institute

, understands

this well, and has developed Youth Etiquette

classes and workshops for various age groups

to educate and encourage better behaviour.

“Our mission has always been to help people

build better relationships, both in their personal

and professional lives,” she explains. This year,

For more information on

courses, visit



a bo u t e n co u r a g i ng b e t t e r

behaviour in children, and the place

of etiquette in today’s society.

the company received institute status from the

Ministry of Education in recognition of its role

in helping people improve their soft skills and

understand cultural differences.

The various classes teach 21st-century etiquette,

while also helping kids learn to build their

confidence in social situations. “It’s important to

help them feel more conscious of their self-esteem,

self-worth and self-awareness,” says Juliana. “We

help children and teens develop both leadership

skills and soft skills to give them a competitive

advantage in everyday life, at school and in their

future careers. Just as teachers are responsible for

our children’s academic health, we’re responsible

for their social health.”

The institute also gives individuals the chance

to improve their CV and develop vital social

skills through a range of courses and training

sessions – ideal for young adults finishing school

or university.