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Find all of these toy types,

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Everyone knows that little ones

love to play, but in today’s busy

world, sometimes-dedicated

playtime gets left by the wayside.

According to the American

Academy of Paediatrics, “play is

essential to development”; sadly,

though, too many kids just aren’t

doing enough of it. Choosing the

right kinds of toys – products that

are fun but also beneficial – can

help, so try to keep the following

skill-sets inmind while you shop.

As Singapore’s leading online grocery store,


is obviously fully stocked with fresh

produce, but did you know it also sells a

comprehensive range of toys? Here are some

tips on how to choose the best toys for your kids.


Gross motor skills:

Look for toys

that require physical balance and

build arm and leg strength. Play

tunnels, mini slides, shopping

carts and rocking horses are all

great examples.

Fine motor skills:


colouring pencils, stacking

and building toys, and shape-

sorting games are excellent

ways to develop hand-eye


Language and social skills:


play with soft toys and puppets

helps children understand their

emotions and make sense of the

world around them, plus all that

one-way chatter helps develop

their language skills too.

Of course, kids don’t just need

toys, they need you-and-me time

too. Parent-child playtime is

also a key to fostering closeness,

confidence and security, as well

as developing emotional and

communication skills.