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Which buggy/pram/

stroller or car seat do

you like best?

When we do use a stroller,

we use an inexpensive copy of the

Babyzen Yoyo. It folds up small, it

can fit between the MRT gantries,

and it can hold a surprising number

of things. We’re also currently using

the Graco 4Ever, which is the most

amazing car seat. It’s supposed to last

you ten years, and can fit a newborn

and grow with your child until he or

she can do without any sort of seat.

I have a small hatchback and the

Graco 4Ever fits well inside. It also

has LATCH anchors for rear facing,

which is awesome because my car’s

rear seatbelts aren’t long enough to go

around a rear-facing seat. The price is

a little steep, but well worth it as it

ticks all of my boxes.

We have a Peg Perego Book Plus, and we love it! I like

the baby bassinet, which allows baby to be comfortable in

a reclined position, and the fact that the stroller seat can be

mounted with the child facing towards the parent; it’s nice

for them to see you as you’re walking about. It’s not the

smallest stroller out there, but it’s sturdy and easy to fold,

and it hasn’t given us any trouble for the past two years,

even though we use it almost daily.

If you don’t have a car or a

helper in Singapore, you have to

fold your stroller if you take the bus

or public transport. For that reason,

I’ve been looking for a model which

is light and easily foldable. I’ve tried a

few from Bugaboo Bee and Baby City

Mini, but my favourite is the Baby

Yoyo. It’s easy to push, open and fold,

and it doesn’t take up much space –

plus, my boys love it.

I loved the City Mini the first time round. As I’m a

second-hand bargain hunter I tried several, but I seem to

see all sorts of cool-looking ones about now, so I’m on the

lookout for what’s next!