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I have the Mountain Buggy

Jogger for Jack, and the City Select

Baby Double Jogger for the twins.

In hindsight, I wish I’d bought

the tandem, because now that the

twins are bigger, manoeuvring the

stroller has become difficult due

to the weight on the front.

I’m using the Mountain

Buggy Travel System. It’s so

lightweight and easy to use,

and it also comes with a car seat

which clips on and off.



What’s the product you can’t

do without for your baby?

My baby-wearing carriers! I’ve had so many of them

and I’ve just managed to prune my stash to three ring

slings, two full buckle carriers and a Mei Tai. It’s lovely

to be face to face with baby all the time (especially when

she sometimes takes my face in her little hands so that

I’ll stop looking at my phone and talk to her instead).

It’s nice not to have to faff about with bulky strollers,

ramps and lifts! We do use the buggy when I have to

buy groceries and won’t be able to manage carrying it all,

but inevitably I end up carrying her, while the stroller

becomes a glorified shopping cart.


If I’m honest, I’m not really using many products

on him, but I do love the brand BabyGanics. They have

great plant-based insect sprays and sun creams, and their

shampoo and body washes are also lovely.

I’d definitely have to say

good old baby wipes!

Ego Resolve Nappy Rash Cream is excellent. It’s

the only thing that works for me when it comes to fungal

nappy rash.

The Guava Family Bassinet. It’s very portable and

a great way to keep the baby safe from the toddler.

I think right now

it’s nappies!