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By Britney Hope


The only thing worse than jet lag is

when your little ones have jet lag too.

Keep their circadian rhythms in check

with Gro Clock, a unique device that

uses images of the stars and sun to let

your kids know when it’s still nighttime,

and when it’s OK to get up. Perfect

for adjusting to different time zones,

parents can set the clock based on

the number of hours they want their

kids to stay in bed, and the images

naturally change from nighttime blue

to daytime yellow, regardless of what’s

actually going on outside your hotel




Perfect for swimmers in love with the

sea, the revolutionary H2O Ninja Mask

makes snorkelling feel effortless.

Inspired by equipment used by deep

sea divers, the unique, full-face seal

lets the wearer breathe normally

underwater without anyone having

to shove a snorkel in their gob. The

innovative design prevents the mask’s

shatterproof lens from fogging up, and

gives swimmers a 180-degree view

of the underwater world. The masks

come in sizes for adults as well as

kids, because the family that snorkels

together, stays together.



Ultimate Family Vacations | FALL 2017

Even history’s great explorers always made

sure they were prepared. Here are the latest

gadgets and gizmos to get your family geared

up for their next getaway.


One of the best parts of vacation is seeing the world through the eyes of your kids.

Benjamin Button, the first intelligent wearable camera for families, is about to take the

experience up a notch. This hands-free clip-on memory-maker is water, dust and dummy

proof, and records for up to three hours using facial, sound and movement recognition

technology. It also selects the best video clips automatically, and doesn't use active WiFi

or Bluetooth technology, transferring to approved devices only — which means the only

people who get to see what your kids see is you. This little beauty is still being tested as a

prototype, so skip the store and pre-order online.



A real explorer doesn’t let a baby stop

them from reaching the summit — they

just strap them in for the ride! The MEC Kid

Carrier is built for mountaineers and their

mini-me’s, with a backpack suspension

system, a five-point child-restraint harness,

and an adjustable attachment point.

Designed for babies up to 23 kilograms

who can sit upright unsupported, parents

can unclip the diaper bag to use it as

a daypack, and keep their little one

sheltered from the sun with a protective

hood when they hit the trail.



When your teen starts bugging you

for a sleek (and, coincidentally, sharp)

multi-tool for all his or her daring

adventures, you can skip the argument

and still sleep at night thanks to

Leatherman's Tread LT, a fierce-looking

new wearable. Engineered with 29

different screwdrivers, wrenches, hooks

and openers connected through a series of

stainless steel links, this bad-to-the-bone

bracelet is adjustable to accommodate

any wrist size, and is fully customizable.

Due to hit shelves this October.



Whether your kids are hiking up

a jungle slope or taking a break

between deep dives, this innovative,

BPA- and Phyhalate-free Food Flask

by Hydro Flask is guaranteed to keep

their noodles hot and their smoothies

cold, thanks to its unique TempShield

insulation. Backed by a lifetime

warranty, Food Flask is also made

with pro-grade, stainless steel, which

means old flavours don’t mingle

with new — because spaghetti and

strawberry just don’t mix.


FALL 2017 | Ultimate Family Vacations



Suiting up for some serious sun?

Don’t forget the ever-iconic Tilley

hat, a proudly Canadian-made

product offering the very best in

sun protection and functional style.

Tilley’s brightly coloured junior-

sized organic cotton chapeaus are

equipped with UPF 50+ protection,

a cinch cord to keep it from falling

off, buoyancy in water (for when it

inevitably does fall off), and a secret

pocket for tickets, treasures and

encouraging notes from Mom.



Whether your small sailor prefers




Pirates of the Caribbean

, these

handcrafted sailing ship kites are sure to

inspire a sense of adventure wherever

you are. Made in collaboration with

Balinese artisans using locally-sourced

bamboo and nylon, these beautiful

white kites are Fair Trade, come in a

flurry of colours, and fly best on strong

winds. Ideal for the beach or a faraway

countryside, whoever’s hoisting the sail is

sure to get carried away.