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| Extraordinary Experiences 2018

Extraordinary Experiences 2018 |


Worlds collide in Japan

It seems as though the world is finally awakening to the

wonders of Japan, a diverse country that has not, thus

far, been given the credit it deserves. Travellers can visit

ancient Buddhist temples and quiet mountain villages

one day, and tour ultra-modern mega-cities the next. Be

doused in this amazing culture with




itinerary, which ventures from Tokyo to Kyoto

and allows for true cultural immersion. Participate in a

traditional tea ceremony, try your hand in the kitchen

with a cooking class, or attempt to learn calligraphy;

perhaps you’ll return home with a new skill, but at the

very least, you’re guaranteed a few great memories.

VIP touring in Germany

When shopping for souvenirs in Germany, why not treat

yourself to a custom car? At the BMWMuseum in Munich,

you could really make it happen. Though this take-home

indulgence may come with a hefty price tag, the perks are

many – including airport pick-up, personal BMW concierge

service, and other VIP treatments in their Premium

Lounge while they’re building the car of your dreams. In

the meantime, take a cruise along the Main River while

you wait:

Avalon River Cruises

offers many itineraries

that showcase picturesque German towns. For a truly

memorable experience, consider its eight-day

River Cruise

from Frankfurt to Prague

, where you can marvel at the

castles and markets dressed in festive décor – and perhaps

find another souvenir that will actually fit in your suitcase.

© Franca Iuele

Antarctica, the end of the earth

As the world and climate changes,

destinations that are especially threatened

by issues such as global warming are in

particularly high demand, putting Antarctica

on many a “must do” list for 2018. And

certainly, a trip to the end of the earth is

nothing short of exceptional.



has been navigating this

corner of the globe for more than 50 years,

offering guests active and immersive travel

experiences. Get up close with penguins and

leopard seals, kayak among the icebergs, and

hike the world’s southernmost continent for a

truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Off-grid in Sri Lanka

Though marks of civil war still exist

throughout, Sri Lanka is rousing interest from

travellers far and wide. Unique in its identity

and with ancient traditions engrained in its

existence, this tropical island boasts striking

landscapes, UNESCO World Heritage

Sites, and diverse wildlife.

G Adventures

has a number of tours on offer here,

inviting travellers to engross themselves

in the Buddhist culture and picturesque

landscapes while exploring a country that

has only recently become a tourism hotspot.

Try the

National Geographic Journeys

itinerary, which will offer insider access

to various sites and freedom to roam, all

without sacrificing comfort along the way.

Unplug & recharge in the Society Islands

Sometimes, the best things in life are completely

off-grid. Take the pristine blue-green waters that

surround the Society Islands – the peace and tranquility,

the stillness, the bliss! Pair this with ultra-luxury

accommodations and you’re set for nothing short of an

incredible vacation. Explore the lush rainforests, dive

with sharks or simply indulge beachside while enjoying

the 10-night

Society Islands & Tuamotus




, which visits Papeete, Bora Bora, Moorea, and

other pieces of this South Pacific paradise.