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| Extraordinary Experiences 2018


So much more than a luxurious

way to self-indulge, hammam is

an ancient and ritualistic means

of relaxation shared by sheiks and

citizens alike. Leave the world

behind as you meet your personal

hammam attendant, who will be your

companion throughout this hands-on

treatment of black soap baths, steam

rooms and hot marble massages.

Available as a private session but

traditionally shared amongst friends,

this sociable and stimulating treat

is not your average back massage

– and while you may not be familiar

with the ways of the hammam at first,

your attendant is sure to give you an

experience you’ll never forget.


You haven’t really seen the Arabian

Desert until you’ve seen it from 1,220

metres high. Take to the early morning

skies in a prismatic hot air balloon, and

watch the sun steal over the craggy

Hajar Mountains, tinting the world around

you a deep, copper colour. As your

pilot negotiates the daybreak breeze,

everything else falls away, leaving

you suspended between a sweeping

expanse of sand and sky as you try to

remember to breathe. As one of Dubai’s

most popular tour options, most balloon

rides include a hotel pickup and post-

ride refreshments. The feeling of floating

above the planet in the peaceful light of

dawn, however, is free of charge.


Dubai is a land of stark contrasts, and

its ability to marry both snow and

sand is just another way it defies the

impossible. Ski Dubai, located in the

legendary Mall of the Emirates, is an

indoor ski resort – and the first of its

kind in the Middle East. With 22,500

square metres of fresh manmade

powder, visitors seeking reprieve from

the blazing sun can choose from five

different slopes built for skiers of all

experience levels. For more family

fun, the adjacent Snow Park offers

toboggan hills, live penguin marches

and a chilly café that serves up hot

chocolate for any desert dwellers

needing to warm up.

From Dubai’s sparkling, mirage-like cityscape to its golden desert sands, this Middle Eastern escape is

positively brimming with unbelievable bucket list experiences. Here are just a few elite-level exploits

you can find in the always-captivating “City of Superlatives.”


Indulge in

By Britney Hope


Ideal for nature lovers and history buffs alike, private falconry sessions blend

the beauty of the desert wilds with an exhilarating, noble sport. Once the

hunting method of choice for nomadic Bedouin tribes, travellers can now learn

the art of falconry at the Dubai Desert Conservation Resort, a national park

with lots of room for spreading wings. A hotel pickup and scenic drive kicks off

a day of hands-on training with fearful birds of prey. Feel like a true falconer

collecting food for his family as you slip on a thick, leather glove and learn to

hunt with these kings of the sky.

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