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Britney Hope


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Extraordinary Experiences


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Extraordinary Offers


I had the privilege of travelling to some pretty incredible places

in 2017. From Maui to the Maldives, I saw beautiful sights, met

marvellous people, and checked more than a few items off my

bucket list.

But one of my most notable travel moments actually occurred

this past January, when I found myself sharing fried fish with my

in-laws at a public market in Cartagena, Colombia. While dining

on street food wrapped in brown paper may not sound like

a once-in-a-lifetime achievement to some, for my travel

companions – both historically all-inclusive-loving snowbirds – it

was a bucket list item they didn’t even know they’d had.

Funny enough, Colombia wasn’t on any of our bucket lists when

we chose it for our family vacation; we just wanted somewhere

sunny, warm and a little different. But there, in a dimly lit corner

of the loud and bustling market, as they squeezed lime over their

fish and sipped mango juice from mason jars, my family had

the unexpected pleasure of discovering something new about

themselves: when given the chance, they are adventurous at


Moments like these can be the best part about travelling. A trip

can start out as a simple jaunt to warmer weather, then turn into

something transformational in the blink of an eye. These are

moments that change you and stay with you forever – and

they’re extremely personal, because really, “extraordinary”

experiences mean different things to different people.

Maybe for you, “extraordinary” means tracking gorillas in the

jungle (pg. 38), or finding personal fulfillment in a remote Indian

paradise (pg. 20). Perhaps it’s dining your way through ancient

China (pg. 30), or setting new standards for extravagance in

glimmering Dubai (pg. 14).

Whatever your 2018 travel dreams consist of, I hope the

inspirational stories in these pages will help to freshen

up your bucket list, and take you – your heart, mind and

body – somewhere completely unexpected.

Happy travels,

Britney Hope



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