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is month’s cover story is so important. It is not often that we

get a glimpse inside the world of someone who has been caught

up in the criminal justice system since childhood. Rarer still is

an outcome as positive as that of Keenan Mundine. It’s especially

inspiring when you consider everything he has been through

since he was born into a life of drugs and crime in Sydney’s

Redfern. Journalist Kate Allman tells Keenan’s story, “Breaking

the prison cycle” on page 28. Keenan’s journey through the

innovative Just Reinvest NSW program is inspiring and proof

that there are meaningful and lasting alternatives to an overloaded prison system.

We received some terri c news this week. Four of the


team have been named as

nalists in this year’s Publish Awards. Our art director extraordinaire, Andy Raubinger, is up

for Designer of the Year (Business), our newest recruit, Kate Allman, is one of ve nominees

for Young Journalist of the Year, our talented Associate Editor, Jane Southward, is in the

running for Journalist of the Year (Business), and I have been fortunate to be given a shot

at the award for Editor of the Year (Business). is is encouraging news for the whole team

and we thank readers and contributors for their support and those we interview for the


for their valuable time and input.

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Cover photography:

Jason McCormack

Stephen Tully

is a barrister at 6 St

James’ Hall Chambers.

He writes about

the United Nations’

consideration of the

rights of deaf people

to serve on juries and

examines how Australia

has fallen short.



Dominic Rolfe

is a Sydney journalist. In

this issue, he interviews

Australian Muslim

advocate Mariam Zamir

Veiszadeh, Westpac’s

internal “Overall Woman

of Influence 2015”,

who says it’s time to

celebrate di erence.



Ray Steinwell

is General Counsel of

Novartis Australia and

New Zealand. He writes

that the legal profession is

the least culturally diverse

in society and calls on

enlightened leaders

with courage to redress

cultural inequality.

Hot topic


Kate Allman

is a journalist who studied

media and law at the

University of NSW. She

joined the


in 2015.

In our cover story, she

investigates justice

reinvestment as a long-

term solution to curbing

prison costs.

Cover story